I My Me Mine.

I am a jester laughing very close to a cliff, accompanied with a dog at his heels. I was born on 1,000 + 990 + 100000000000000 – 100000000000000 on a love month and on the 23rd. Up to now I still believe I am below line of 2. I represent innocence, divine inspiration, madness, freedom, spontaneity, inexperience, chaos, and creativity. Like any other childhood-feeling elderly, I look up whenever I walk in the rain.

Movies and games influenced me for an estimated time of 1 hour and 23 minutes before I end up wearing their costumes and patterning their life on mine. Beat them all on mmorpgs, 100% completion on console games – Motto in life. I once dreamt of finest universities overseas but just like 90% of dreams, it didn’t happen. I am currently not qualified on the BMI and probably never will. My eyes doesn’t recognize 10 meters away faces. I have a sneaky female voice over the phone.

The skills I have are 3/4 made-up. I sing Japanese songs to which 3/4 of the lyrics I don’t even understand. I copy, paste, edit, works I view as superficially unreachable for my mind to formulate. My compositions are identical to a politician speech: flowery but empty. The skill otherwise, is to be jealous about. On school days, I am a hater of school days. On weekends and holidays, I am a hater of both.

Time is a melted chocolate to me. Refrigerate, wait for it to freeze before I make a move and eat it.

Chasing down temporarily high is what I do best. Second would be procrastination until work piles and do its work alone. I am a born-leader but voicing out is never been in my repertoire. Seizures strike me whenever John Cena wins any match. I am a Persona-user in my dreams and I carry it every mornings. I got bitten by the Persona bug and since then, the fever never goes away. I own legit p3’s protagonist’s accessories and weird fashion statements that i am proud to wear not altogether. I wear headphones 22 hours a day and well, carpe diem. I’m on clockworks orange, but in time, will realizes that instead of an adverse reaction to my musics, I’ll see an image of myself having sex with a woman in front of an approving crowd. I, in a sarcastic and menacing voice, will state, “I was cured, all right!”.

Still, I am myself and what i want myself to be.


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