Happy Valentine’s Day.

The signs were subtle and subliminal but today my eyes opened the obvious.

So that’s why it’s Majora’s Mask over Triforce Heroes.
So that’s why I was dreaming of death for a week and I can’t remember what’s going on around it.
So that’s why I watched Ghostbusters II, skipping I
So that’s why I’m getting more gut and guy feels because there is something coming up.

It’s fate sending a message that I am Link, that I found myself in Termina but without the quests and people to help out, that I’m just alone, watching the moon slowly crashing down, with the ocarina of time and only one song on my sheet in hand…

No Song of Double Time to help get over this faster.
No Scarecrow’s Song to call another and help me traverse this impossible.
No Inverted Song of Time thank god I don’t want to slow time even more.
No Song of Soaring to fly me away from all of these.
No New Wave Bossa Nova to help me cross the storm.
No Epona’s Song to call a friend for help.
No Oath to Order to call friends carry this burden.
No Song of Storms to cover my tears and drench my dry emotions.
No Sonata of Awakening to pull me back from this abyss.
No Goron Lullaby to help me put into a deep slumber.
No Elegy of Emptiness to make hollow friends and make me feel I’m not alone.
Most unfortunately, no Song of Healing to mend all these wounds.

This is just the first day and I already suffered Denial, Anger, Bargaining and Depression four times and no, sleep doesn’t help anymore. February 14 is really the end of the world. And as i’m composing this, I can’t help but cry everything out, still hoping I can escape the purgatory tree hole I fell into, crawling my way back to the palace, with her smile and arms wrapping around this battered Hero of None. I don’t want to be a Stalfos and I don’t want the last stage of the Kübler-Ross model to occur.

I’ve met a terrible fate, haven’t I?



~ by protagonist on February 15, 2016.

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