2015 + 1

Happy new year you. It’s been ten months of you waiting. Guess what? I got something to tell today. Let me tell you what happened, what changed, what doesn’t and what I miss.

2015 is a boring rollercoaster ride. I’ve been into a job (yes, you read it right) where all I do is sit, design and eat to my hearts content. Too bad it doesn’t pay as much as my former but i like it. I’m still into gaming and I’m still good at it, maybe deteriorated a bit. I’m still the skinny Doctor who travels in time and space using my mind as the Tardis. I’m still losing friends and more so, precious ones this year. I’m into raffles and I’ve won a bunch, including this phone am currently using to type this. Pretty neat phone if you ask me… If only you can see it. I’m currently level 33 in Google Play and I pirate apks and movies and series cuz why not. I still watch and indulge series and novelty dramas. Who knew Clara Oswald and Jon Snow would die both? Don’t blame me for spoilers. Hmm… I’m the same lazy me except I earn a bit by not doing so. I learned to be more practical and I learned to endure hardships… Physical ones to be exact. Karma caught up to me and this year has been the worst. So, overall… It’s lame. I thought the simple moments and burst of happiness here and there would save but no. This is me being honest… or this is me talking because I am sad at the moment. I don’t know but that’s what I feel right now.

And oh what I miss? The past years where fireworks are the people that makes my heart go bam. The experiences where even I am alone, I was never… Because they pull me to the abyss I build myself in… Because they know what a person I am. I’m not me anymore. I tried (and still doing so) to be a better person for someone who can’t see right through me. I can’t believe I am still in this state. I don’t know but I hope 2016 will turn a new leaf for us. If not, my essay is pretty much ready.

Let me be brave. Let me face the raven one last time.



~ by protagonist on January 1, 2016.

2 Responses to “2015 + 1”

  1. One step at a time. Things will be better for you, love. *pinch* Make it an agenda to be happy this year.

  2. I remember you as the “comeback kid” person (*reminiscing mario kart at 3ds*) that is somewhat an astoundingly stick-and-bones-thin ceshire cat wearing earphones. I don’t think you’ll simply wave a white flag of defeat to the challenges in front of u. Simply breathe, survive, and work on that goal you’ve never tried materializing in your thick skull… and somehow, everything will fall into place. Life, career, lovelife, and happiness. Go get inspired. And remember, the world isn’t made to revolve around you, learn to adjust and move. TC always ratz

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