Transient success.

I thought the hug I did to her was the start of everything being okay. I thought the tears she shed and how I comfort her will be the end of all conflicts. I thought.

A flick of instance we were back arguing again. It’s not gonna be over. It’ll never be over.

The ominous cloud followed me to work. My bag got ruptured from the front, the jeepney I rode to exceeded the stop cuz I was wearing earphones, and I failed my CI. Yes, my running to becoming regular is done. I expected it too much and there, I got it. Experience gained so I got no regrets except the fact that I’ll be leaving everyone and that moment everyone shooked your hand and an individual hugged you, it’s a not-so-welcoming feeling.

I stepped out of the premises with a neutral feeling. I should be slowly crying or some sort but I wasn’t. And it was raining, as if the sky sympathizes me. And so I, removed my glasses, faced it and smiled while I feel its tears and said: “Sky, that’s life”.

To end, I’ll never forget the law of attraction my colleague tina shared. It’s probably the only reason why I finished this entry without burden.

To my next…

Ps. I should stop expecting anything from you. This is probably one of the change. You made me sometimes feel I don’t exist, as if you don’t care at all.


~ by protagonist on July 3, 2014.

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