2 days.

Tibsy. Tita. Tina. Two days. And oh, Jopay. Lol.

I’ve gone away from home to spend and guard her during her family’s extra outing and I’m actually both surprised and thankful I am that accepted and trusted. Anyhow, it was a routine of Bomberman, singing, eating, sleeping, Resident Evil, sharing whatnots, Tibsy and kitten-calling, circling around the house, hitting each other, staring blankly at each other, *insert imaginative things here* at each other and oh, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy~ A routine I don’t feel like ending that moment and in those days I am there.

One regret in my stay: I sneakily checked stuffs of her then stumbled on a special one and read it. Double damn wrong damn move. It deeply impacted me as I navigate the pages I picked that my eyes got affected by the heat. I know I’m still this shallow but now I know the feeling when the former gets frustrated and jealous whenever I write something about my former than the former: It hurts. Bad. So bad. I never should have read her work. My fault. How can I forget such?

And so the days ended and so is being together physically. If only I can stay longer. If only I can hold her more. If homesickness exists in me, now I know why I’m not homesick: because I felt home being with her.

I miss her badly.



~ by protagonist on May 24, 2014.

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