Dear her appendix,

First of all, I hate you. I hate you for being the being to do this. Of all the goddamn people who deserves this it really has to be what’s mine. I hate you so damn much I could keep you in a jar with water and display on my cabinet where i’ll drown you forever in your own extraction. Too bad making you a trophy, a weird pet and a collection will not gonna happen because you’ve been disposed off, I believe. Lucky you, regretful me.

You gave her suffering, you gave me helplessness. As I see her curl up and cry on my shoulder and I hugging tighter, you’re there laughing your body off inside her. You did not consider how much we’re both hurting, much more her. You inconsiderate son of a bitch. But you did not stop there. You made your presence known by worsening and making her family’s expenses worse too. You just had to erupt and make her close to angels and away from everyone who cares about her and me. You even did that when I was already away. You really got your best way of making me fall down emotionally. Oh you should be grateful I didn’t meet you face to appendix else you’ll wear the suffering.

Regardless, I gotta thank you. Thank you for making me realize how much more she’s important to me. Thank you for making me feel helpless once again. Thanks for making me ride an ambulance the first time even though no siren to be heard. Thanks for making me thought I’ll be losing someone again when I just did. And last, thank you for saving her and not taking her away from me… Oh wait. You don’t have control over that… So FU.

Sincerely yours,


~ by protagonist on April 20, 2014.

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