dream account #0004

Prenote: Pics provided for reference to content individuals and easy dream read.

Greenhills/Shopsville: Click.
Misfits’ Probation Officer: Click.
The 20s: Click.
SCP-0004: Click.

Narrative: I was strolling a local mall with someone (faceless and the gender unknown) and with a goal in mind: look for a Panic! at the Disco themed headset/earphones, which in reality, does not exist, yet. The mall little by little looked a bit hinted Greenhills or Shopsville. Stall by stall I searched to not miss a single chance. The search ended when the actor playing the fourth probation officer in Misfits called my attention.

He started telling me that the earphones I’m looking for is somewhere in his shop so I started circling around. I see tons of Sony, Audio Technica, Senheissers, Phillips, etc with their counterfeit counterparts. Of all the sorts, the one I do not spot so I returned and asked. He told me I should look closer at the back of the shop and there I will find. I went back but went back asking again where. Then he sighed and accompanied me. He directed me to the basement. The dreamception began.

The room is luminated by sunlight. It looks like a 20s interior design. Drapes of flesh, couches of grain, furnitures of great detailing, grandfather clock newly made, figurines of porcelain, and a chandelair titanic-ly. There seems to be 3 people sitting there, dressed the same as me, updatedly. Their eyes are closed, absorbing either the sunlight that hits their skin or the feeling of 20’s melancholic bliss. I see my companion not nor the probation officer look-alike. Walking the wooden floor seems like living in the time this should be. I then realized I was looking for something. My eyes traversed the room but there seems to be no sign of technology besides the four (including me) confined in the room. The look-alike suddenly appeared, then directly directing me to another room. Dreamception, roomception or SCP-0004’s effect, undetermined still what is happening.

The room is dark with strobe lights that lets the inside visible. It was rather small compared to the previous. It’s like a disco brought to a sci-fi geek headquarters. Two individuals is on the bed, of which I did not mind what they were doing. In this phase, I suddenly rushed the closest closet and found I was looking for. There were 3 pieces, all of them incoherently looked does not. At the time I found them, the look-alike called my attention and told me that they’ll be closing for the day. I stood up, forgetting to pick up the headset/earphones and walked back to the 20s room, still luminated by improbable, totally impossible sunlight and looked at the cabin-looking door to where I should exit.


~ by protagonist on September 21, 2013.

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