dream account #0003

Prenote: Features are not exactly clearly described to give justice to the experience but I tried as much.

Narrative: I was sitting in my designated school chair. The setup used is the japanese classroom. I’m beside the window, listening to my female teacher. Her height is averagely small, hair falls back black, uniformed casual, early 20’s.

The class suddenly looked at me, I was uttering words of provocation inaudible in the current state. The teacher is focused at me, looking extremely aggravated from farsight. I stood up and continued my inaudibility. Then suddenly the not-so-sure heated conversation abruptly ended when my teacher took a revolver and shot herself in the head. Blood springkled beyond the table and into the board and first row chairs, together with the students sitting on. The window smashed as the projectile exited her right temple, of blood splatters so. Her blood gushed the floor, painting it with gore. Everyone screamed, some approached, some glared, I, froze.

The scenery jumped. I was in the hallway. There seemed to be a gloomy atmosphere to everywhere I stood. Details gone shrouded but as it turns out, the school still operated after the incident. Every scene I am turned in a student died of inanimatedly horrible: running off the hallway, crashing on a left window pane, falling 4 storeys. Pencil on hand, cut wrist then neck. Mostly, just shouts, ran off and died as if they were murdered.

It struck me that a cliche curse is dooming the premises. However I am still alive when I believe I shouldn’t. There is a circle of close people that stays on the rooftop, I, included. Our conversation rotated the curse and how each one’s day’s count left. Event jumped, with one in the circle dead, pierced torso and larynx by the gate steel. Events suddenly jumped frequently after. I stood in a darkest persona 4 title screen hallway, her, my teacher perhaps, silhouette from afar. As light flickers, so the distance closing. Flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker, flic…

Dream fading, with her inanimatedly painted with unexplainable, inexplicable even I horror blinking beyond the eyes I am opening.

Subnote: Probably an SCP interference, or an SCP itself. Au revoir.

~ by protagonist on September 13, 2013.

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  1. that’s morbid

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