Officially employed and officially a teacher. Hypothetical segragation of work not justified to what is earned. Still study and still being still lazy, or even lazier as is is intact. Made a new social link in the demon arcana that emits positively life-lipting moodswings. Old friends become new again, new friends become x’s again. Midnights accompanied by beauty and the geeks turned into the local banana split. Hunting larger-than-life breath of fire four, fierce elemental cuddlers and non-final fantasy leviathans for an average 15 hours is what’s served on the gaming plate. Panic! is the inspiration, sofa bed is the philosophy assembler. I bet Ailis is proud that I do.

This is gospel of the 7 months, locked away in permanent slumber.

~ by protagonist on September 10, 2013.

One Response to “Goodhello.”

  1. well, for one, I am proud 🙂

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