Total irony.

Again, it’s been awhile since i posted a desirable, acceptable for me post but wth, i proceed this for the sake of a requirement and a moment of realization.

i shouldn’t be having a break. 6 years already gone by and i still feel like i’m on a holiday. i’ve been to too many i’m there and never actually came back. instead of celebrating christmas and new year, i should be gaining tangible currency instead of my billion pokemon dollars. and while i’m composing this, the lord of enlightenment is inside my head and i hope he stays. He still need to remind me that i, still chase down temporarily high, like cosplayers and gamers and girls on the right side of a facebook page do.

Realization aside, these are the mediums and venue of my holiday:

Elesa, oh youuu

Yep, gamer still. i don’t really care if you don’t know this but that is Join Avenue, where somehow my social skills is put into use and where i instantly became a supervisor of store chains. Fascinating, only if reality doesn’t set in.

Waiiiilordddd watch.

Here’s another one. Whale watching on a freakin marine tube. It totally feels like i’m at Manila Ocean Park of year 2100. Quite frankly, the experience is relaxing, considering the view is as big as my palm.

et n now.

Finally, to get to the holiday spirit, snow is definitely needed. Beyond the vast white, i traversed forests and frozen bridges, flew across unova and scavenged empty trash cans. in the end, a pokemon center attendant greeted me Merry Christmas. I was like, “oh, nice feature lol”


Anyhow that’s the gist of the nights of my holidays. not partying, jumping on midnight and smelling fireworks? that was earlier of every day. besides, i’m not really a loner, just antisocial.

Au revoir.

~ by protagonist on January 1, 2013.

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  2. is that you, Len ?

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