best friend.

He was standing in front of the altar. She was standing beside him. I was watching on the aisles together with everyone. He was giving out feint smiles. She exchanges the same. I, still look at the occasion as something that only happens on tv and in The 3rd Birthday. It was totally surreal.

4 or 5 years ago, I remember the time he was a dropout on love. He talked nineteen to the dozen about his life, love and love life and how to deal with it. He competed and challenged me, proving something I don’t know. He inspired me to strive for a deeper incomprehensible writing. He never ceased to add an object that influences me until now. He is the Spanish era of my life who taught Laziness 101. He made me realize effort is possible for lazy people like us. He got accomplishments I can’t or will not, I, try to grasp. He enlightened me to the world of games and my life has been a deep blue competitive sloth blast. He accompanied me at times when no one would actually will. He loves taking debts from me and adds a massive interest. He is a guy i know who rarely takes love seriously after the first dish out, but wow, look now. He is one of the few people on earth that understood and dealt the 3/4 of me. He is the rainbow dash of my high school years. 

I look again at the altar. There he was, my best friend, just, got, married.


ps: no homo.


~ by protagonist on March 24, 2012.

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