What do you see on your Computer Screen?

Bit by bit my mind and thoughts seemed to lose consciousness as wave after wave of shock flooded and pulsed through my body awaking the beating in my heart like a rattle. The silence was overwhelming accompanied by my silent scream was the most present part of my existence at that moment.

The question I have been wanting for an answer. I am nineteen years old enough not to believe of such but what, I melted, touched the cold tiles of the room. That night turned my adult to childhood, grasping for nothing but stories of fear. It was the peak of the night, the normal time where I pour toil my enjoyment out. The familiar screen I use used to play Ragnarok online with, doodle over painting skills, write articles in, Facebook and forums surfing, all faded over a dark Anime wallpaper I habituate myself with. it was something, someone I never wanted to see myself in my life. It was nothing like horror, scary movies gave me. This time it was real. This time it was on me. The bliss, the light, the creativeness, the occupancy, all turned into fright. I wanted to shout, but my mind was numb, as was my body, and not a single thought seemed to go through me. I run, I ran, I send my body sprawling across the floor.

I lay awake all night on the cold bedroom floor. Both hands clasp, eyes shut, unwanting a presence to open them up. I was afraid to open them otherwise, afraid that I may not be able to say goodbye, afraid I may not make it like those horror movies nights. I certainly didn’t want anyone to see me weeping on the floor. How long I stayed there, I never knew. It could have been an hour, a few hours, several sunlit days, or even all week. Time was not present. I stayed otherwise in anticipation of someone familiar telling me to get up from the peculiar position I confide. My fear now confirmed. I’ll never turn on black wallpapers again.

So let me ask you, what do you see on your dark computer screen?


~ by protagonist on November 1, 2011.

One Response to “What do you see on your Computer Screen?”

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