there’s a need for change. the morning has turned me nocturnal, the internet got me zombified.

in about 2 or a week from now, i’ll be getting back to the endless routine of youngster life and i still feel unsatisfied. actually i don’t feel satisfied with anything right now. i’m currently working on a newspaper as a journalist, i’ve been doing well killing people online, logging on minecraft almost everyday, been catching 1 meal a day and 0 salary pay. and while everyone is hitting the books about the 10 ways to greatness, here i am still thinking what should my post be next. i’m pretty sure that aside from the celestial bodies, time, space, and matter, the big bang also created dreams and aspirations and world changing ideas and wonderful people and that thing called greatness. the thing is, where did my grasp went?

I want to change the world too. I don’t know where to start. rather, lazy to start.

~ by protagonist on October 4, 2011.

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