the looking-glass tower.

i looked in the mirror this morning and whom did i see? not the boy i once knew a long time ago. not the boy who treasured life and loved it to its full extent. not the boy who once was happy.

no, I saw none of this.

instead i saw a child. a child without a face. a child without an identity. a child without hope. this hatred has consumed me to the point where i have forgotten who i once was. i have forgotten what its like to feel the warmth of another. i have forgotten how to live, how to love, how to…

but none of that matters now.

no… i must live through this anguish so that one day i may be able to go back and remember who I used to be. go back and remember the real me – not this fool I am hiding behind. it will all be worth it someday.


and someday i will finally be free…



~ by protagonist on August 7, 2010.

One Response to “the looking-glass tower.”

  1. Very dramatic, makes me feel so sad. A child without a face.. a child without an identity? Why, why have you seen this? Will you be free to fly after days and days of waiting, as long as you love. 🙂

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