one year, almost seven months.

One morning, instead of the usual vibrate of my cellular or just-got-lucky wake up to wake me up, I got pestered by my mom’s voice. Her voice was a tone I never heard before. She was talking to someone on her cellular phone. I got a little curious on what was it about so I decided to eavesdrop while moaning, trying to pretend I’m asleep instead of getting angry early in the morning.

At first, I thought it was one of her friend girls or work calls. But as the conversation and her dialogue progresses, I figured out she was talking to a man. Mom’s voice is jolly, the voice I never heard in years. They were teasing each other, as I assumed because of my mom’s replies. Then they start talking like lovers. Mom gave that someone four E-kisses and updates him every time about what she is doing. And since my mom is clothing herself that time, they started talking perverted stuff. I disgusted but continued to listen. Mom was saying, “Oh, sige lang, kwento ka lang”. It hit me, hard. My eyes started to rain. I listen still, trying to loosen the loneliness inside. Mom was never this happy before. Then they end their conversation with a fixed meeting, probably to continue the romance and to cut the distance. I started to stand up and run downstairs, hiding my face from mom.

Maybe this is why my mom was listening to good ol’ love songs of Rey Valera and some Robin Padilla stuff, which is still super romantic last Friday. She was singing like she was in cloud nine. She was in love, again. Her mouth expressed it so too – “Haay. Ang sarap ma-inlove kahit may asawa na”.

That one morning, I found out that not my mom is in love, but myself, hurting so much, envious so much. I wonder… did dad even felt this way, like me, when mom left her?

And this evening, while listening to Itchyworms’ song, Beer, I realized that everyone, my mom, my best friend, my cousin, my classmate couples is in love. Everybody else moved on, even xbr.

…everyone except me.



~ by protagonist on June 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “one year, almost seven months.”

  1. Nice contrast with toodles in the end :/

  2. Actually, it’s one year and almost seven months, senile. xbr will get angry at you if you insist it’s six. :))

    But anyways, about your mom. Whatever you would decide on, just remember the fact that she’s happy about it. Good luck in that issue. Hmmm i wonder if my mom would also fall in love with someone else.. O_O (rip dad)

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