merry christmas charlie manson.

i can never make it up to the families i destroyed, but at least i can make an example to all who thinks that crime is an answer. you see, i finally understand what the holiday is all about. you see, you can’t let things get you down in the holidays, because being happy is what the holiday is all about.

i’ve been such a bastard all these years and i finally understand, and it feels great. i feel like i am in my own Christmas special. you see…

holiday is our special time, when we laugh and sing and we feel cozy. forget about being angry for a day. remember how it felt to be a child, opening presents on christmas morning. that’s the way we all should feel now. so i say… happy happy happy holiday. happy holiday, from me to you.

and i guess that’s what i’ve learned. i’m sorry for what i did but doesn’t make up for it. i deserve to be in jail. all i hope is that i’ll make mankind lose faith in itself. yes there is murders in the world, yes, there’s rapists and thieves. but those are the vast minority. the majority of mankind is made up of caring people, who try everyday to do what they think is right. and that is the spirit of the season.

i, speaking in a criminal’s point of view.


~ by protagonist on December 17, 2009.

One Response to “merry christmas charlie manson.”

  1. Lol,. na adik sa south park

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