hola flipping nostalgia.

eleventh of december. the last day i’ll be deceived by this character.

i crumpled myself in the aftermath-fiesta smelling sofa when the containing substance of playing old consoles for the last ten weeks wore off. today it’s a must. I unpacked the carton containing the sega mega drive with puyo puyo jammed on its cartridge hole, hanging spiders’ nests, a probably 25 years old Nintendo family computer, or famicom for short, or FC for very short. i had in stock still the ancestor of every console i held and knew and threw off, the accessories needed to work the game providers, and some more spiders’ nest.

was about to play puyo puyo when i forgot to remember that the source of electricity to maintain is lost – sega’s power cord. i stare on the remaining console, which is the red and dusty-dusty-dusty-white to black color famcom. started to look for its POWER CORD as well and poof… Mario appeared on the tv screen.

Killing time, breaking head with question mark marked boxes, sliding down green pipes, and gawking at conflagration chains in kupa’s (or koopa, or bowser, or my nstp prof) castle, I ended my fanfare. I took some pics and video of my arcade-back land. And here’s why I am posting this right now.

usually this is what you’ll be seeing with the 20:20 vision.

but upon zooming in.

this is not an edited pic. This is from the actual 8-bit sprite of SMB when you zoom in. (i tried an emulator, and true, it is.)

i tried looking for mario and toad’s vicissitudes but seems the thing that they kept them unaccompanied can only be heard from the mountain goat’s thank you mario but our princess is in another castle.


~ by protagonist on December 13, 2009.

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