backwards from nowhere.

You’re killing me; you’re killing me with your kindness. You’re in my dreams. You’re in my blood. The meaning of why stop facing Microsoft word.

Down over me, I realized, I’ve been stuck with the bliss, the cherry blossom fields. An ignited feeling every time, drowning with love – was the story of my life.

And so, apprehending the basis… I was too busy being happy.

Feeling blue, you turned it to my ice cream fantasy. Milkshakes added strawberry and chocolate tidbits. My haven of free lemonade, to you I escape. Precious regrets and counsels I conquer, because I treat you a saffron tea, the royal one. And when in doubt, I reclaim myself to you, because you are my parfait… a pomenagrate parfait. My silence, my detaining, my unaided me, you linger endlessly, though it failed but retrieved again and again. The real me, the one you wanted me to be, I bamboozle with a simple fruit selection. And every time you leave me, you leave me shattered broken alive.

You are my continuing sweetness, my Sugar Xai.



~ by protagonist on November 29, 2009.

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