ozine 09.

and i thought there is no size bigger than the usual of yakult. i was wrong. there is. XD

friday afternoon came and was woken up by the flickering fingers of unc, telling me that peria is drumming our front porch gate. i disagree standing up but I remembered that we will be accompanying Joshua to ozine today. I rushed to get the gate.

Symmone came after peria. We so rushed to get to mega by the knowing that Joshua came there, neglecting the said meeting place. we were foresight talking about what could be the magnets in the venue. 3pm we arrived.

They were undecided to eat or get josh first. And though it seems like they’re beginning to have a hard time, i became the babysitter of the day. XD leading them to megatrade and getting josh before eating, we bumped and saw some weird, hilarious and uber-dressed cosplayers. From the usual bleach and naruto fanatics, to lolitas and hard gays O_O. positioned on the entrance, we later encountered josh and look at him as if we are so disappointed – he was wearing norm with the Joshua feel on the clothes. He approaches us and showed his newest possession: freebies, cosplayer snapshots and up-skirt screenies. We then beckon a call for an eating session, taking the kids to Tokyo Tokyo and ordered a shallow menu for us. The fun part there is when josh got aggravated because we ended up having 3 servings before he got his so-called “NINJARAPS” lmao.

Upon clearing the dishes and fueling our stomachs, we hurried again to megatrade and entered the ozine anthill. we go straight left and scamper for some items to be eye worthy. We came stumbling to some same anime dvd and collector item stalls and got disoriented. I was eyeing on people that seem to pass by, hoping I could see alodia or aj as xai would say she would be going today. we were messing some comments about the people roaming there bringing their closets out. One of which is this girl cosplaying Hao Asakura. She was dragging a white velvet (which is obviously wrong since hao is wearing a brown tattered cloth) and A FREAKY HOUSE SHIRT AND SHORTS printed “Ragnarok 2005 Championship” WTF. Oh well, apart from some cosplayers who seemed to be messing around ozine 09 1st day, we too got messed up since we have gotten no freebies other than the 100 peso ticket and a green pamphlet. We spent almost our entire time watching those 206 cosplay participants. Not much of an interest except the former champion who wore the same hitsugaya costume added a dry ice + dragon dancing + 3 cult members on the stage, the bible black cosplayer (sure everyone was shouting “take it off, take it off” blame it on me =_=), and the kiddos who are sooooooo kawaii and that makes me a pedo  and lastly, #86, juris of mymp, i mean, ALPHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ALPHAAAAAAAAAA XD (april’s bestfriend :|)

more of stolen shots can be found here.

Anyway that’s all into it. glad to be a little back posting.



~ by protagonist on April 5, 2009.

9 Responses to “ozine 09.”

  1. omg hottie! :O going lesbo :))))

  2. whoah… should we call you “pops” then?

  3. that Josh was epic fail. Although i enjoyed going there.

  4. Wow. sounds like fun.

  5. ugh…. i wish i could attend events like that…too bad they’re on weekends


  6. Juris???????? O__________________O

    Anyways, sayang… we didn’t see you during the event. If we only knew you were there… eh di… 8)

    Btw, I’m not her bestfriend. Di niya daw ako bestfriend. T_T ~goes emo~

  7. nagtenkyu ka tapos ngaun ka mgre2act xD T.T pedo amp. >_>

    ok, so ano, special friend, sabi mo nga. 😐

  8. kamusta naman yun hahaha

  9. Girl Gaara = Fail
    Akatsuki wannabes = Fail
    Gay pips = Fail
    Too much Death note = Fail
    Notjosh = though he is absolutely not josh, still fails miserably. XD
    Hao Asakura = EPIC FAIL!!!
    Perya + FX + Random angry guy = EPIC WIN!! XD

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