Closure to end of days,
verge of malfunction is on my top system array.
Settling my inhabitant me only me on a sofa sheet,
disclaiming my inner form of knowledge source.
I took pride in saying battles have won.
Truth is,
I’m starting to fall over time after time.
Seems to be out of the blue my inspiration and admiration is.

Go I here again.
But these time,
clicking the squeaky finger of the pc keys before doing my routines that kill.
Sorted out things I should be doing,
end up finishing nothing but routines,
which kill.
I asked myself now,
why am I like this?”,
and the question that follows for realization is just another set of procrastination.

Songs and disillusion and beckoning reasons and lies;
revoked to them in thee.
And so as I end up again this another post,
I ended up again not gracing with my presence the pillars that I should be standing off,
building off for myself…

Just for the sake of another online game,
just for the FTW reason that no one cares to know me much more better now,
even though I think there is.

Somebody pick me up from the verge,
restrain me from the peak,
emancipate me from the slowpoke i will be become,
and remind me not to forget to remember myself.



~ by protagonist on September 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “cout<<“disclaimer”;”

  1. wow.. uhn last n cnbi m.. ang kyut.^^
    eniweii.. ang nice ng post muh. s sobrang pgka-nice. ndi q maintndhan. kachii nmn.. im not that GOOD in ENGLISH.. T_____T
    anyway, db cocomment q anu pgkaintndi q?. so i think its like this.. may inspiraxon ka or someone n anjan for u pra 2lungan ka and evrything? O.o

    bxtah. mssbi q lhan. ang gnda nung dlwang pragraph from the last!. aihihih.. NICE2x!^^

    **PS: sorry. ndi q xa tlgah xadu magets eh. alam muh nmn.. slow n nga aq.. ngging slow p lalo. whahaha. xD

  2. *boom!*
    correction dun s una qng comment. AHM.. ndi pla about INSPIRATION (based from the first paragraph kz).. eniweii.. im reading it OVER AGAIN and my conclusion is… “.. im so dumb. ndi q tlgah mgets eh. ahuhuhu”

    e chabii muh.. u wont explain it to yaan na. ndi tlgah mgets eh. ahehehe..

    psenxa. wahahaha.xD

  3. There was always a wall, ratz. You need to break it down. If u want to be known, as much as everybody would like to meet u better, then let them first reach inside your head. What’s keeping you from doing so? Its as easy as how you always vindicate yourself from my pessimisticisms. But anyways, ill just gonna be around to watch over your circumstances, and eventually, and i hope, to be one of those who you would open up to. Good Luck! itsumademo kiotukete ne. ^^

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