do not disturb till sixty.

Amidst this sensuality I stumble to a world where dreams collide, shatter between my fate and avert landscapes. The perception by which I prolong to hold is deepening through stay by stay. Traumatic sensible emotions packed my inner being, foresight to a new beginning. Nowhere near ascension hyper, nowhere near perfection. But then, I stumble.

To one, to two, to fifty-two and fifty six I’m captivated on. Grasping for air, crashing hillocks I missed. There were those elusive times when I pursue skills which are at hand, forgetting the times I should be sticking my tongue out, speaking words of whimpering whimsies. It ended just, just what I would like it to be ending.

I pursue the stars of deep slumber, wishing the moon would reach it too. Right now I might be blessed, but angels are off disguising too. All I hope for is an escapade, and now, I must escape it too.

Did you know? Reapers only eat apples? 🙂


~ by protagonist on August 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “do not disturb till sixty.”

  1. hope will always be at hand… everyone has their own ups and downs.. nobody’s perfect.. just give your best in everything you do… just stand up when you fall and i’ll be there to help you when you need it the most ^^ everyone looks for an easy way out but it doesn’t mean that you have to do it to… face your problems.. dont run away from it

    of course! ^^ i know a shinigami who only eat apples.. “RYUUK”

  2. impossible it seems, impossible means. (sigh*)

  3. go kuya go ^_____^

  4. as master yoda said: go if you must!…may the force be with you

  5. ugh… wag ka na umasa… ndi na aabot yan sa 60

    saka ung koryente nyu!
    anlaki na

    kulang nga pala ung bayad mu sa 2x exp card… tsk… ahah 50k pa:D

    bad3p din ang ao… tignan mu blog q ngaun… wirdu =))

  6. o? pink na pink a?

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