merely not just a “word” word to be defined simply. it is formed from some branches of biological science. so in other words, an acronym.

bio – BIOgeography
ta – TAxonomy
mo – MOrphology
phy – PHYsiology
gen – GENetics
em – EMbryology
eco – ECOlogy
vo – eVOlution



~ by protagonist on June 15, 2008.

28 Responses to “biotamophygenemecovo.”

  1. You’re really weird. 😀

  2. Mayabang ako.

  3. kumukuha ng hits?

  4. i don’t get it…may hidden message ba yung accrostic?

  5. You never cease to amuse me. The direct translation of my amusement is “GODKNOWSWHAT!”….

  6. totoo ba ung meaning nyan eh ayan nga talaga??

    anyway, tnx..

    phirap kasi ung prof namin..

    project pa..


    tnx again..

  7. ano b tlga meaning nian???

    anoi bng klaseng word kse yan e… hmp… nadiscover pa… !!

  8. science maning nian???

  9. thankz a lot 4 d info!

    i really need it badly…

    i jst don’t get it if that’s d only meaning of the acronym or qng nag-eexist b tlga yang word as 1 word only…

    but nweiz…tnx a lot!

  10. mglgay nmn kau ng mhbang meaning..tnx

  11. thanks.. wala bang mas mahaba? incomplete eh..

  12. wan tu..

    don’t worry ’bout d maening… gawa tayo ng sariling meaning… tpos nb kau s research n yan???

  13. bt gnun.. adik nmn ung site n tu… lageng mali ung “a” s “e”… kmsta nmn un….

  14. bt ung e ko lgng a..

  15. hehe.. nawili… ginawang bulletin!

  16. lol. daming nyung reklamo. meh mahahanap pa ba keong ibang ku2hanan? haha.

    ung keyboard ung sira, nde ung site. :p

    if u can’t be satisfied with what’s posted here, gawa keo sariling meaning. ja ne~! ^^

  17. thanks for commenting btw, haha. meh flooder oh, :p

  18. nyaha andaming 1-2 na nagpunta sa site

    mamatz sa info

  19. ano meaning..ang weird

  20. andito pla kaung lahat!..hahaha

  21. DOTA!!!

  22. my site ako ..
    may meaning na koooo..

  23. sir/madam:

    pasenxa na po kayo sa mga kaklase ko, hehe,

    mga weird kasi yan eh.. haha..

    anyway, tnx for d info..

    God Bless..

  24. lalake me. 😐 and dun call me sir/madam.. bata pq. jaja. :p

    anyway, glad to be of help to yu guys, anu bng skul keo? haha, 🙂

  25. is that the real meaning? weird huh. 🙂

  26. whew.!
    eto pla meaning nean.!
    thankzs a lot.!
    mei assignment na ko sa BiOLOGiCAL SCiENCE.!!!! 🙂

  27. ,haha, yan na yung meaning nun?

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