a blog event post.

Dear friends, I’m now playing a cool new game called Angels Online. You should definitely come check it out. We can join in totem battles together, ride and walk different pets, collect materials and manufacture costumes, weapons and delicious food. In one word, it is a very “cool” game. Come join me in the colorful world of Eden and together we can create our own legend.

AO video:


AO Screenshot:


good luck, and enjoy playing, as well as i am enjoying it right now.



~ by protagonist on June 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “a blog event post.”

  1. I was trying to get that game for about 5 months now and I think it’s virtually impossible for me to download it since our internet is slower than those 56 kb’s…*sigh*

    Oh well…I guess I’m stuck playing Trickster….

  2. Oh well. Sadly, I can’t relate. haha. As always, when did I ever enjoy online games anyway?! But i think it sounds cool. I mean, ’cause it has angels in it. *silly grin*

  3. Yeah, what she said…*plays cheesy inspirational song*

  4. wooot. promoter 😛

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