I woke up by a text message coming from mikan. She was pursuing my skills on o2jam, wishing and forcing me to play in this time of the day. I checked the others, aniciete to delete, april to last read. It was thirty ten then, with glances to cover from the top position above bed. I replied to sweetie’s message later then, so the conversation goes. It ended up saying, “pasok nq.”

I brought my head back to the sack again. the thought of that it-was-early began to whine in my sarcastic turbulence. out of the blue, my sight began to fade, my head spins in a commotion I don’t know what. I tremble without the fear. I fainted.


I was startled by the voice of my sister. She was blabbering about some amount of money she was going to have while I should get the full of it. irritated, I got up and looked at the wall..

Eight o’ clock on the clock.

The sun never had the spun time to materialize its UV rays over my desiccated skin. I front the mirror, looking astray and disdain. I did not know what the hell come to pass. I rushed down the stairs, people were just routining, no guess than noticing me. I should not bother. Soak myself up, down the drain the uncertainty that I was certain to. I ate the last piece that was served, or to think, to accidentally saved for me. straight to my pc I gone in.

And I made this post.

– no one woke me up.
– no one to just care enough to know what abreacted to me
– no one noticed me having this disdain, disclaim
– no one believed the excuse I did tell. Not just that, they told me i was a liar.
– Internet connection’s disabled.
– Unlimited session doomed. Though many times I did send UNLITXT80 to 2870, it just won’t budge. It never replied. I was on just being ignored.
– My mother and lil’ sister’s claiming MY MONEY. MY GODDAMN MONEY.

Lastly, I thought my beautiful rescue can end all of this. when I received her gm, I called her instantly, hoping she could REALLY turn my disdain to day.

She was added to the list.

Everything abandoned me today. EVERYTHING.
like hell I was today. like freakin’ hell I was.


~ by protagonist on May 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “empty.”

  1. your..day’s..not..that..bad!..your..quite..lucky..indeed..

  2. ang drama mo nmn beat my life haha http://abiona101.livejournal.com

  3. well, be happy ’cause that day’s over! 😀

  4. bad day?
    felt like nobody cares??
    if i were your sweetie, that would be an insult.
    good thing i am not for i am somebody else’s sweetie.
    haha. you know him. 🙂

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