today, we went to mallmega to see sights of what we would be cosplaying. Since my papa ryoma and papa naruto can’t make it, we proxies should incline. Megatrade it was held, people flood, daring skins flow. We saw Kikiyo (spelled right?), Sakura from Naruto, Amane Misa, Chobits, Hello Kitty, Maya of Tengo Tenge, some Hentai gals perhaps, Sakura again, Sakura again, Sailormoon Sailor Stars and oh, the male cosplayers. XD

mac would be delighted if our own Naruto would be here. I would be completed if my April would be here as well. (sigh.)


today, while i was with my cousin, mac, i accidentally met my ex along the corners of 50th avenue. she was wearing her fav top and the usual skinny jeans with chucks to flaunt. i greeted her by tapping the shoulder my head was formerly been dropped to. she turned around and looked at me like she saw kyle patrick or whatsoever. she asked me why i was there, i replied with such nimbleness. then i bade farewell amidst, due i am in search for something urgent. she bade farewell too, smiling uncontentious.

suddenly my phone triads. it was her. it reads, “yan ba ang pinalit mo sakin, LALAKI?”. i replied, “huh?”. then reply replied, “haha. still the same freakin’ friggin’ you.” lastly, i texted her:

“ung pinalit ko sayo, ung hindi ko na ipagpapalit pa. 🙂



~ by protagonist on April 6, 2008.

One Response to “clippings”

  1. oh dear..

    since it has been two days that you keep on bugging me about this comment you are asking for.. (or should i say, you keep on demanding), here i am giving you my words after reading your blog..

    accidentally seeing your ex while you are being tormented by the absence of your sweetie? hah! fate, really has this annoying way of bumping our heads to make us realize that something is missing..

    oh well, love your response on the text message from your past love..
    haha! pahiya un eh.

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