tension property of addiction

time for a friggin’ post.

Side to side with miscommunication and the biggest distance is i face still for the past longing april days. and as this boredom kills me slowly, my heart begins to sink in Australian version of mixmaster, the only thing to keep my time occupied, occupied uselessly, uselessly distracted. Still, thy longing for her makes this feeling’s aggravated, in exaggeration. On forwarded clinging hope from prulskie’s fallacious statement last monday, abiona resembles radiance for the verge. Having about thirty-four statements could be of help.

Birdco’s accompaniment still is not enough in a free battle zone or a rojeta dungeon hunt for a weisha. Spent almost half of two days for wastage hench item belts that just did the beating on my inventory, or to say, half-mark full. Then take pleasure in casting fireballs on lower ranked ditts and jins. About half of the population back then was wiped out due to comfortable stay on higher ground. Then I convene Julie Ann to procrastinate there as well. She was having the time of her life as she tackled upon issues involving my controversial hits. But then, it ended with warning – I’m still missin’ her.

Two forty-six on the computer digital clock, two exact on april’s heart, one twenty-one on my mobile, one twenty behind wall clock. Yahoo Messenger, Dyiele Mi Luana’s Project, FM Static’s Definitely Maybe, tension property of addiction, Alpha Guingcangco on taskbar.

Maybe I should sleep now than doing random post like this, or watch harry potter on a pylon.

Time, I need. Her, all I need.



~ by protagonist on March 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “tension property of addiction”

  1. hate that feeling..
    being preoccupied with a lot of things.. STILL.. you are missing your special someone.. thinking of them.. making you feel like you want to go out at that time.. desperately needing for their vission.

    ugh.. just like what i am feeling right now at this moment.. haha.

    this is your fault! hmp.

  2. ang ating mga mahal kasi ay morbid. pinapahirapan tayo nuh? haha. XD

  3. yeah! ur definitely ryt der! 🙂

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