the sofa set tragedy.

Loaded… Yes, I am, with frustration.

Upon hearing the alarm clock that was set three-thirty sun still down, I rushed on the closure of my desktop buddy. Yes, I am having another addicted session for an online game, not to mention having another presentations and paper works to do. due then, I rushed to the sofa set to evade something imperceivable if I were caught still comfy sitting docks on the computer chair.

[A couple of words should mess me up today.] woke by the undulations of bj, asking me if I had classes today. “yes”. Then back to bed – THE WRONG MOVE.

I woke up again but this time with sun rays splattering my dear face. I looked at the clock, and boom doom – thirty past nine it facades – The worst time for the day and the worst thing to get next. No spare seconds, i scampered our room only to find out that not even a single dime is left hanging on the television top. Double doom. Equaled actions means major subject make-up class missed and twerp. Now the only thing I’ll be hoping is the biggest consideration and the lowest consideration grade for me, if ever the three defenses would omit my me today.

Curses curses, I never wanted these to be curses curses, I can’t hold it in.



~ by protagonist on March 5, 2008.

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