The Sunday Phonecall.

15th floor, Octagon Centre, San Miguel Ave. Ortigas Pasig.

Google is very very powerful (ignore redundancy please) as my dog informed me of a phone call minutes ago.

it’s Sunday today. I was having my own version of siesta: being a couch patata in my turning chair, facing my deafening winamp playlist in my desktop computer while reading mitch albom’s “the five people you meet in heaven” when suddenly a phone call emerges. Though a little preoccupied, I rush to it pick up, thinking that the caller might be someone special or a favorable granting out-of-the-house invitation. Everything started when I heard the UNFAMILIAR VOICE. Take note, unfamiliar.

mind you, these calls and offers make you think like you’re a professional, gets you uplifted, or go boastful.

She introduced herself as Jean Ramos. I remembered her, my elementary schoolmate whose height is considerably a height. i was surprised because rather than talking about the years we didn’t hear about each other, she started talking about “network marketing” thingy she was networked to. She bragged more about what I will get, not I will be doing. Fifteen to thirty thousand Philippine pesos will be on my palms in thirty days. I got a little bewildered over the amount, imagining of what I could buy (mind you, it’s money). i let myself be gullible to her persuasion, hoping I could get any details to it. then she invited me tomorrow for a little seminar. I refused, I was having ten thousand plans and one reason to not. then she insisted on another day, Wednesday. then suspicion hit me that point. she knew something, as if she was asking me questions she already knew the answers to. Time to move. I take note of their basics and half-decided to come to her trap. Then she told me these following details.

  • Wear smart casual
  • 3:30pm, and please, be professional. Come on time.
  • 15th floor, Octagon Centre, San Miguel Ave. Ortigas Pasig. Marunong ka naman pumunta sa may megamall di ba? Sa likod lang yun.

I thought of checking the place out, but I had this habit of being hesitant going somewhere, especially if I’m alone and it’ll be my first time to be there. and besides, I’m not used to wear such “smart casual” or something since I go play-play life. but somehow curious, I go couched patata again but with an objective. so i started opening my browser, hoping to find resources for the unknown. Lo and behold, I found just what I needed.

Nuskin, Synergy One Global (or Synergy 1 Global), or whatever they might be calling it, based on opinions let go of the experienced ones. they were reflecting that the so-called “Multi-networking marketing” is synonymous to “Pyramidal Scam”. Dumbfounded by the statements, I prevented something others might be encountering too. accepting half their offer means not getting other contacts of mine to be having the same fate as mine, as they’ll be getting my contacts for this conspiracy.

Though some comments regarding the issue gave quite positive outputs, i decided to boycott the given schedule I was booked into. But in someway, I think it’s somewhat positive, which merely depends on how you look at it. the problem is, their foundation is fraud, strategies to forfeit. Anyway, it’s up to you if you’ll be spongebob-ing yourself there.

I guess my site will be your another enlightenment for this scam, or whatever you might be considering it.

Sorry Jean, I’m already rich. 🙂


UPDATE: June 22, 2011. 7:39pm

After 3 years of this post still living, I believe and I will rather do, apply on a Call Center Company…

Okay let’s just say I did get a little hasty on saying Networking + Pyramidal Scam but you should have at least read my post carefully: “they were reflecting”. I’m not stating the fact, I’m stating the reflection. Well heck, even the people who joined NU Skin did share their experiences anyway so what’s the point vindicating? I would like to quote this:

click here for source querz, a college student.well, sad 2 say.. Naloko aq ng nu skin. Kasasali q lang this november, na engganyo kc ako sa ang masakit pa, friend ko pa yung nagsali sakin dun. Sinabi nya na wla nman raw aqng gagawin, naghrap akong mag ipon ng 12600.. Pero d ko kagad nabawi, sana nabasa ko muna 2 bago aq nagdecide na sumali. Lesson 2 sakn, pati na rn sana sa inyo.

and this: (quite long but explains everything)
click here for source

Nuff said?

One final note: Like what these people said that you should try, go, and try and try, and go, Instead of making us go, why don't YOU guys try it? And if it works for you, make a post like this and spell out your experience and let's see if your words contradict mine.

Au revoir.


~ by protagonist on February 24, 2008.

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  1. Buti nalang hindi ka pumunta! 😀

  2. dear, sa wednesdei pa xa. haha. pero yes, i won’t be going.

    paasa aq eh. XD

  3. Belated Haberdei Ben!!! Dapat nagpa-kanton ka kila ate Shiela pre diretsu DoTa-han na. Hahaha.

  4. “Sorry Jean, I’m already rich.”

    (SA WAKAS!!! umamin ka din! harhar..) XD

  5. “smart casual”

    still thinking..


    anu b klaseng damit yun??!!

  6. check nga naten sa google. haha.

  7. haha go…

  8. hehe…someone just called me…said the same things but she got a different name…her name was ms. calas,,,ata…hehe…muntik na un…she said nirecommend dw ako ng skul ko…hehe…probably one of my classmates na narecruit lng pla ngrecommend..heheh…di ko pupunta ngyong alm ko n…kala ko p nmn my malalgay na ko s work eperience s resume…haha…

    smart casual….napaicp din ako kung no un… salamat sa info n to….

  9. glad that i could be of help to you. ^^

    anyway, do i know you? i’m trying to find a link between us two eh. hehe.

    oh, tnx 4 commenting. i’ll add some of these kinds in the future. hehe.

  10. someone just called me today and told me the very same stuff, nga lang ang price na binigay niya is 10 -25k a month, this really helped, im not coming anymore. sabi nila US-based company sila, i was asking them where did they get my contact number and sabi lng nila eh nakuha lang nila yun sa database nila. what made the call more suspicious eh hindi man lang nila inintroduce ung name ng company nila tpos nung tinanong ko kung ano bang gagawin ko sa company nila eh tsaka ko na lng daw malalaman pag nagpunta na ako dun. tinext ko pa sila para malaman kasi nakalimutan ko din namang tanungin sa phone. NSE philippines daw ang company name, sinabi rin niya na “be on time, you sound professional naman eh.” this blog really helped me, let’s spread the word…. and o yeah, sinabi rin niya na wear “smart casual” clothing :))

  11. yeah!!! i got this call too!! a brother of a high-school classmate of mine called me! same story! ultimo ung paninilaw nia sa pera without telling me what the company is all about! akala ko nman some sort of call-center agents kelangan nila!! anyway, i actually have a sched today, but decided to make an alibi pra d mkpunta.. tinatamad kse ako and i’m not after the money at all. Kaya ako nagduda kse last minute ako nagback-out tapos willing pren sha i-reschedule ung meeting nmen! (DBA NPAKA-NEEDY??!) That’s d time nung tinanung ko na kung anu ba tlga name ng company, and what does it do. when i asked him that, he replied na he’s gonna answer my question later kse nagloloko daw ung globe! DUH!? i’m an ECE student and i know more about radio-waves transmission than him. kung may problema ang globe, affected din dpat fone and internet ko. OK sana ung excuse nia kaso he underestimated me. Ngaun na nabasa ku na tong blog mo, i’ll tell him exactly what you said. “SORRY RAYMOND! I’M ALREADY RICH TOO!” hehehe! thanx!

  12. I received the same call. I am scheduled to meet the caller today at the same address. thanks to this blog. I found this after i’ve googled the name of the company… just being curious. NSE Philippines daw and the caller nicole also said the same line “be on time, you sound professional naman eh.”. Sorry Nicole, I’m already rich.


  13. i also received the same call..just this morning lang and i am scheduled tomorrow..i decided o look for the company dito sa net then lumapas tong blog mo..thank you sa blog mo..jecy cañizarem naman yung tumawag sakin..she also told me to be on time..haha.funny..thank you so helped me a lot.. 🙂

  14. comment haha

  15. uhm thanx sa paghanap ng songs la ko masabi dito haha… rich ka na naman pla eh haha paburger ka naman burger burger burger

  16. wtf! i recieved the same call, buti na lng sinearch ku muna sa net kung anu ung meron sa 15th floor octagon centre, nag taka ako kung bakit 630 ang interview, phew buti na lng may mga gantong blog sites na nagbibigay ng valuable info

  17. wow! same call din sakin. Ivy Ancheta nmn dw xa. 3:30 on wed dw. gnun n gnun, your professional nmn db so be on time dw hehe ska anu dw pngkakaabalahan ngaun etc… buti nbanggit skin ng barkada ko then i checked s net.. I guess I’ll be telling her the same line ” Sorry Ivy I’m already rich”.. hehehe.. Tnx!! paimbestigador ntin wahehe..

  18. i pitty you guys. you didn’t even see what’s the project all about. you guys are pre judging which cause a big opportunity pass you by. do you totally believe in these blogs? these are all opinions, even our maids and our driver can put up a blog like this. Proctor & Gamble is actually making these kind of calls for their applicants not to research things to say about their company or what not to say. no wonder why philippines is a third world country, everybody’s living in a rat race, everyone’s just surviving not having a living because of poor mindset and programming. well here’s the fact “The most pervasive disease in the world is the disease of mediocrity”. good luck to your lives guys, i’m just concerned if you’re on a right financial path? or you’re just running a tread mill, or sitting on a rocking chair, you’re moving but not going anywhere. are you busy doing the right things? or are you being a couch potato watching life pass you by? reading blogs and becoming a victim. with what you’re currently doing right now do you think you could actually get what you want? your dreams has a price guys 5M house 1M car 1M travel 2M educ 20M retirement. do the math guys, welcome to the real world.

    Rich people see opportunities. Poor people see obstacles. Rich people see potential growth. Poor people see potential loss. Rich people focus on rewards. Poor focus on the risks.
    Rich people…take responsibility for the results in their lives and act upon the mind-set “It will work because I’ll make it work.” -T. HARV ECKER

    • Manloloko k naman!!!

    • You know what, you have a great mind, but not so great that you use it to take advantage of other people, and the hell you care about the phillipines being in 3rd world country? all you do is to make fraud, lies and shits…. yes lets say you have ur money and stuffs, is that the product of your hard work? or the product of the work of others?, ..

  19. natira ka 2loi

  20. positive side – thanks 4 commenting. 🙂

    negative side – thanks for commenting as well. well, like ive sed, it’s up to us, to the reader anyway. dont gave us that sagacious attitude like we don’t have any idea on what’s happening. if you like, go make yourself a post as well regarding this and its POSITIVE side that you’re trying to shit out of us. though i’m getting a little subjective in this comment, just make sure you fire your words on the topic, not on the people. disgust yourself for that. 😀 e d kung maganda pala xa, e d go go go ka mag-isa. suportahan pa kita. 🙂

    melody – urur. pizza ko?

    epals – magsama kayo ng negative side. ^^

  21. good thing hindi ka tumuloy haha lakas ng gut insticts mo n_n

  22. I agree. Last night may tumawag sa akin. beware of these persons:

    1. Dandee De Guzman – 09228541284
    2. Eduardo Prangan Jr. – 09156076376

    their recruitments are bougus. I play for a while. Just to get enough information from them. What irritates me, is that they are forcing me to attend and that I would be unprofessional if I decline. When I got enough information on them, I googled the address. 15th floor Octagon building ortigas center that they gave me. This is annoying enough for me, NO COMPANY NAMES? or even NATURE OF THEIR BUSINESS?? baaah! Those assholes should think twice.

  23. visit for more NSE Philippines horror stories

  24. @ Francine: Don’t be a dick and start misleading people into your cult! There are more than a million opportunities in this world so do not tell these people that missing out on joining your NuSkin cult is a great lose! No it is absolutely not! In fact, we feel like winners not joining you cult called NuSkin or NSE Philippines! We do not want to be trained to mislead, deceive, lie, and misrepresent. That is what you guys are good in, right!? Common, thanks to Google, we all know the truth!

    Your products are good, but you members suck! Your recruitment strategies suck! You deceive people! You lie! You misrepresent! You mislead! That is where you are all good at! And you train people to be like you!

    I am rich! I am filthy rich! I am richer than each and every member in your cult! And I became rich without having to mislead, misrepresent, or deceive! I can put up as many businesses as I want because I have the capabilities to do so, coz I do not misrepresent! I am transparent in business, and I practice good ethics!

    You in NuSkin? Good ethics? BULLSHIT! You use deceit in order to recruit! You misrepresent in order to recruit! You lie in order to recruit! You guys fuckin duped my friend who flew all the way to Davao just to learn you were NuSkin, an MLM or networking company, wherein she even asked over the phone if you were MLM and you guys said NO!

    Assholes! Liars! Thats what you all are! And do not bullshit the members here to join your NuSkinism cult! We do not want tobe like you and your members! We do not wanna bullshit! We want proper business practices!

    Do not bullshit also us by saying Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Harv Eker’s names! They all said one thing, choose the network marketing company that gives you THE BEST TRAINING!

    Misleading is best training? BULLSHIT!

    Misrepresent is best training? BULLSHIT!

    Not answering questions directly is best training? BULLSHIT!

    Do not fuckin dupe the people here with your fuckin words of wisdom, coz it wont work anymore! And do not fuckin bullshit me that you all are rich in that company! I proved its all bullshit!

    This guy of NuSkin who claims to be making US$50,000 per month flagging down a jeepney? BULLSHIT!

    • you said it well Rolly, i dont think francine will be commenting anymore,,, LOL
      @francine file ur resignation letter, oooppss!, its not possible, because you will not be able to get out on that kind of job, the company will not let you, well its ok, stay in there, together with your own species.
      as this blog famously said, “sorry Francine, I’m already rich”

  25. wahaha, thank GOD for your blog. just got the call few minutes ago. sya daw si Miss Joy Arcilla. good gracious! muntik pa akong maniwala dun a.

  26. What about Synergy Ventures also at Octagon Bldg., 2oth floor naman ito? Pinapupunta din ako at 1:30 pm also…At nabanggit din na kung gusto ko daw ng part time or full time jobs…A certain rvin Domngio Jr naman ang tumawag sa akin with cel. no . 09189448305…At first kasi he asked me for an interview on Monday 630pm here in Makati…Sabi ko di akoo uubra so he resked me on a Saturday at Octagon Bldg…Can anyone tell me and inform me if this is the same group that you’re mentioning in this blog…Please reply…Thanks..

  27. damn, i also have a scheduled interview at 15th Floor, Octagon Bldg., San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Pasig. The caller purportedly got my number from my former school. the caller has a nice accent, and nagkabulol bulol ako kaka english. at least na practice ng konti. hehe. creepy men, creepy.

  28. jazmir, it’s the same group. the 20th fl is the canteen.

  29. hey. i’ve read what francine said on june 10, 2:43pm. what is rich and poor for you? mayaman ka knowing that a lot of people are being defrauded in that “business enterprise”? pera lang yan eh. nagpapakatanga kayo just to get money to buy 1M worth ng car na hindi mkatakbo because of high gasoline prices? when you can spend “real time” thinking of beneficial things not at the expense of others’ money/time. it doesnt matter to us “poor people” if you say you are a “money-rich” person…material girl! pagkamatay mo, what you had in this life will eventually go away. you’ll never know kung kelan ka mamamatay. kung ako sayo, you read the Bible and forget about that blinding money thing. sa tingin mo ba, masaya ka talaga? anong klaseng pagkatao ba ang pinapakita mo? mapera ka nga, inaapakan mo naman ang kahirapan ng ibang tao… dahil wala lang silang milyones? walang sasakyan? walang high tech gadgets? what is a car, a house, travels, education and retirement to you, kung ang kasama mo lang sa retirement mo would be ballooning debts, rusting cars, house na aanayin lang, travels na hindi ka naman nakakilala ng mga new friends, at ang education mo na hindi mo magamit because of your pagiging tanga sa pera at balang araw tatamaan ka lang ng alzheimer’s disease. think, and pray a lot before it’s too late. You believe in T. HARV ECKER more than you believe in your heart. 😥
    I also had the same offer(yesterday, 630pm-but i declined, muntik ko pa idamay and ka-ofismate ko sa kalokohan na yan – oyee, i hope you know your stand, may God help you and may you trust Him too), thank God, praise God, he leads me in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake. He’s my Sheperd, and I shall not be in want. not on easy money. paghirapan ang kabuhayan ng walang lolokohing tao!!!

  30. francine, your comments reflect that of a 20-something individual with a mind of a 9-year old kid. i believe that whatever efforts your parents did for you to grow up (assuming that you have parents and that your parents are not on Prozac or steroids)in such a manner that you think everything in this world should be based on “grabbing opportunity, never let it pass by”, is such a low-end way of living a life. you shamefully put people– people willing to stake out their hard earned money (or what’s practically left in their savings since time immemorial) and then realize that all their efforts would be put down the drain by some scheming group of people with just money and opportunity in mind– LIKE YOU.
    THINK– if you were in the shoes of these people, and you realize that what you went thru is all but a sham, then probably, you would not write your blog in such a selfish and pro-elite manner. if i were you, i would take time to search for the life of Siddharta Gautama Buddha. He was like you, before he knew what life in reality was all about. i look forward to your reply.

  31. inulan ng diskriminasyon si francine. haha. kawawa. yan ang mga napapala ng mga taong walang ibang ginawa kundi tumingin sa sarili nilang kinabukasan. ^^

    anyway, this is not her blog. this’s mine. ^^

    tnx for the raining comments again. i’ll try to post posts focused on basic peculiar, extravagant, filipino issues…

    pag may nagalok ulet sa telepuno, o selepuno. xD

    cheers everyone. 🙂

    • Ikaw na..ikaw na si Buddha..LOL..Ang mga taong tulad mo protagonist ay always playing victims..Tanga ka kasi..Bakit mo iggrab ang opportunity kung alam mong hindi workable..Marami lang talagang taong once in their lives nangarap din..Ang iba kasi gusto easy money, pag nag invest kala nila ok na,hindi na nila paghihirapan para lumago ung investment nila..nakakatawa..pasensya sa mga tinatamaan..walang negosyong madali..gusto kasi ng iba overnight yayman na, kung hindi ba naman mga tanga..meron bang yumayaman overnight..pag hindi nakuha ang gusto magagalit sa nagpakita ng opportunity sa kanila..Nakapunta na rin ako sa seminar na yun before, nung sinabi kong ayaw ko, magalang naman na nagsabi na “no problem, at least you had the chance to see the opportunity” the end of the day ikaw pa rin ang magdedesisyon kung oo or hindi..wag natin isisi ang mga maling desisyon natin sa ibang tao..kaya mabagal umunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga katulad nyo, mahilig manisi ng iba, ayaw panindigan ang sariling desisyon,may sarili namang utak..mag isip isip muna bago manisi ng iba..Madami kasing tangang Pinoy hindi alam ibig sabihin ng Networking..mahilig makiride sa issues ng iba, hindi nila alam ang buhay araw araw may networking na sistema..Hay..mga tanga talaga..

  32. i got a call from mark, interested daw ba ako to work with them, full time or part time, 15k-20k,he told me na its better if visit their office…kc higly confidential daw ang business nla…so we set for the meeting aug.2.(mamaya) kya lng parang me mali. address lng binigay d cnabi ano business name nla. so browse din ako ….and i end up with this blog… thanks …

  33. browsing thru ur – 99 stars – it’s really cute & encouraging..

    here’s my 2 cents ..

    I believe we’re all smart people here.

    “professionalism”, all companies do have policies & procedures/ guildelines. and as we all know, SOME people do follow it, and SOME people don’t. company can’t control each and every move of a person. company just give out GREAT commissions for those who deserve it.

    as to those people na ‘mis-representing’ the company and ‘not being professional’, whatever they sow, so shall they reap.

    I just hope your site really helped..

    I believe we all deserve a CHANCE to have a better life, don’t we..
    We just have to see ‘an opportunity’ with our own eyes and make a decision for ourselves.

    Cheers, Ingat!

  34. haha.. i also had that same experience.. hehe

    i also felt something is wrong about the company that she is talking about.. i’m asking her about the company but she keeps on not telling me and we will talk about it when i visit their office.. and after talking to her the first thing that i did is to search on this in the internet because i actually doubt on what she is talking about because she did not tell me first the name of the company before asking me many questions..wherein as formality she supposed to introduce me first the company so i have an idea..

    hehe.. anyways thanks for the blog..^^

    and for francine.. what they just did is an act of helping others to think before act.. so.. i think you don’t have the ryt to say those things becasue for those who will read this blog its really up to them..this is just for mind opening and another thing is that we are not judging were just trying to think critically about the possibilities..

    “before we make a decision we should go on with a process.. like looking for details and so on..”

    its hard to trust especially if you lack information..

  35. hey guys.. do u know about uno??

  36. before you can actually believe in blogs and hearsays, research thoroughly. stop being tsimoso and tsimosa.

    check this out:

    and look at New York Stock Exchange.
    and other trusted business organizations who belong to NYSE.

  37. waahh .. good thing i checked out this post .. i had a call twice na, but i cant go to the place .. im gonna have a baby soon buti nlng hindi ko xha pinuntahan .. they even said that they will accept me even if i am pregnant .. haay .. before of a caller with the name , ELLA DAGON and CLARISE BUTALID .. mahirap na maloko ..

  38. hay nku, buti na lgn nag search ako bout sa nse..same as u guys my tumawag landline number fron nse international same din wear casual be there on time nag offer ng 25k need at leas 8hrs.sched ko pumunta sana tom around 6:30 pm kayeCruz naman name sounds familiar name na bestfriend ko and surname ng close friend ko..thnxs to this site at dina ako pupunta!haler ang layo ha..

  39. oi tatart wag ka pupunta dun, di kita bibigyan ng pamasahe. di ka namin ihahatid ni julio… wala ding bodyguard na sasama sayo…hehehe! told yha!!!! budulbudol gang lang yan… High tech nga lang… meron ka pa djang nalalamang… whaaat???? whaaaat sa kausap mo… pardon!!!! hehehehe!!!! love yha…

  40. loka loka binabanatan ako ng english eh!kala nya mag nose bleed ako..edi labanan na lng ng english noh! hindi me pupunta talaga ikakain ko na lng ng kfc surfers ang fare ko papunta dun dba tart!mwaah..

  41. yehey meron akong kfc surfer…. wepeh!!!! bonga!!!! Libre mo ko ahhh…. mwah!!!! love u…

  42. wahaha. ginawang chatbox ung site ko. 😀 lab et.

    anyway, glad to be of help to you guys. 😀

    • LOL..Ang mga taong tulad mo protagonist ay always playing victims..Tanga ka kasi..Bakit mo iggrab ang opportunity kung alam mong hindi workable..Marami lang talagang taong once in their lives nangarap din..Ang iba kasi gusto easy money, pag nag invest kala nila ok na,hindi na nila paghihirapan para lumago ung investment nila..nakakatawa..pasensya sa mga tinatamaan..walang negosyong madali..gusto kasi ng iba overnight yayman na, kung hindi ba naman mga tanga..meron bang yumayaman overnight..pag hindi nakuha ang gusto magagalit sa nagpakita ng opportunity sa kanila..Nakapunta na rin ako sa seminar na yun before, nung sinabi kong ayaw ko, magalang naman na nagsabi na “no problem, at least you had the chance to see the opportunity” the end of the day ikaw pa rin ang magdedesisyon kung oo or hindi..wag natin isisi ang mga maling desisyon natin sa ibang tao..kaya mabagal umunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga katulad nyo, mahilig manisi ng iba, ayaw panindigan ang sariling desisyon,may sarili namang utak..mag isip isip muna bago manisi ng iba..Madami kasing tangang Pinoy hindi alam ibig sabihin ng Networking..mahilig makiride sa issues ng iba, hindi nila alam ang buhay araw araw may networking na sistema..Hay..mga tanga talaga..

  43. hehe..tnxs to ur site talaga..

  44. hirs the landline no. nung 2mawag sakin 4081522..baka maka help sa inyo.tsk!

  45. Hello there.

    With all these stuff, my visit to the company na di nila binabanggit kung ano (Nu Skin pala) arrives at one decision:

    I will not push through

    (kahit na elem batchmate ko pa yung nag-invite sa kin)

    There are million opportunities to grow rich. Nu Skin is not the only one. And Nu Skin is not for everybody.

    True, listed sila sa NYSE. But does it really mean to say that Nu Skin is credible?

    Sa tactic pa lang ng recruitment, shucks, i hate it very much. Malay ko bang second “business meeting” na yung pinuntahan ko na yun?

    Ayoko na. Maglilitanya lang ako dito eh.

    I have our family business at dun na ko mag-focus. We will make it grow, and we will make it prosper.

  46. i got a call too…my sched would be on monday since i’ve got commitments this week…since you already explained everything about this “pyramidal scam” i would not be going anymore…bhala na xa…hehehe…


    (or google search : caselaw, Nu Skin )

    Nu Skin is a Utah-based network marketing organization that sells skin care, hair care, and nutritional products through independent distributors. These individuals under Nu Skin’s plan make an initial investment to acquire a distributorship and inventory. They profit both by selling the products and by recruiting new distributors into their distributor networks. Distributors earn commissions on products purchased by their “downline” distributors.

    In August 1991, distributor Patricia Arata initiated a class action lawsuit, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, against Nu Skin and several high-level Nu Skin executives and distributors (including McDermott), alleging that Nu Skin constitutes an illegal pyramid scheme. The gravamen of the complaint, which stated claims for violations of securities laws and civil RICO, fraud and deceit, false advertising, and unfair business practices, was this:

    Despite the lip service to “products,” the true structure of Nu Skin is a classic pyramid scheme in which members/distributors focus their efforts on recruiting new distributors rather than on selling products, and must maintain “personal volume” of wholesale purchases in order to remain members of the distribution chain and reap commissions from the efforts of their “downline” distributors. . . . Thus, true success comes from recruiting active recruiters . . . in an effort to establish a “downline” which will generate profits for the participant.

    Attention :
    You Guys are pitiful

    You maybe included in a class action lawsuit, if these Filipinos you are tyring to DUPE and had DUPED, decide to file a case against you and Nu Skin.

    Pinoys who had SMARTLY chosen to do something else with their time, instead of giving NU SKIN an opportunity to dupe them, read the letters of the victims of Nu Skin:


    Filipinos, write to your congressman, your senator, the editors of newspapers (send emails to them), to stop thes practices of Nu Skin in the Philippines. The only reason they continue doing this is that no one straightens them out. I want to see them sued in a Philippine court. I want Nu Skin Enterprise, to pay the “distributors” they DUPED into joining, false claims, misreprestations (see caselaw above). I want to see NSE sued for refund of overpriced products with no known anti-wrinkle ingredient (efficacy is questionable, independent reviews on Nu Skin products are not that good… only reviews from Nu Skin people gives high praises to their products) that were not and can not be sold, because they are so costly.

    Don’t know if you can sue them,just for calling you on the phone. Perhaps if they call you more than twice …. it can be considered harassment, specially if you already told them, that you be taken out of their list to call.

    Nu Skin members, if you want people to sit down in your seminars, or whatever you call it (job interview? pre-screening? soft-launch?), here is a novel idea, why don’t you pay them for their time? You are earning lots of money right? So , go pay them, for their time and the cost of their transportation. What the heck, what are you, CHEAP?


    NU SKIN:
    1.Recruitment of participants is unlimited in an endless chain of empowered and motivated recruiters recruiting recruiters.
    2. Advancement in a hierarchy of multiple levels of participants is achieved by recruitment, rather than by appointment.
    3. Significant requirements that participants “pay to play” the game via product purchases. Thus, new recruits are the primary customers.
    4. MLM company pays commissions and/or bonuses to at least 5 levels of participants, creating great “leverage” at the top. (Nu Skin uses a breakaway compensation system, with six levels of whole groups of participants, making it a mega-pyramid with one of the most extreme or highly leveraged compensation plans in existence. This is great for those at the top, but the pits for hundreds of thousands beneath them, who become its victims.)
    5. Most of the payout goes to the upline, rather than to the person selling products, creating excessive incentive to recruit and inadequate incentive to sell products (except to new recruits) – and an extreme concentration of income at the top of a hierarchy (pyramid) of participants.

  49. You Guys are pitiful
    August 28, 2008 at 6:02 pm
    before you can actually believe in blogs and hearsays, research thoroughly. stop being tsimoso and tsimosa.

    Aye, aye, captain. Here goes:

    First hand account of victims of NU SKIN:

    US court says, “the true structure of Nu Skin is a classic pyramid scheme”

    Capone v. Nu Skin (Case No. 93-C-0285-S, United States District Court for the District Of Utah). ” it appears to the court that, in marketing this program, defendants, NU SKIN, place great emphasis on distributors duplicating themselves, receiving commissions from the sales of others, making big money from building a sales force, becoming financially independent and the like. “xxx “Indeed, there is not a day that goes by that I do not receive an unsolicited fax from some fly-by-night operation that guarantees an income of $1,000.00 or more per week, with no selling required, no recruiting, no meetings, no inventory, no cold calling and no telephoning. Such operations are promoting nothing more than a passive investment (or more accurately, a “passive divestment,” since any participant will soon lose all money invested”

    “The best way to win is not to play”

  50. Rolly who posted in July 2, 2008 at 5:40 am : “This guy of NuSkin who claims to be making US$50,000 per month flagging down a jeepney? BULLSHIT!”

    Here’s a story you will “enjoy”:

    “I was sponsored by a friend of mine. One of the direct distributors above me was always well-dressed, wore rings, had a nice car, etc. After two years or so of showing the plan, attending meetings and buying material I’d sponsored two people and wasted incredible time and money. Years later I was at a friend’s apt downtown. We ordered a pizza and who would deliver it but the same well-dressed direct distributor! I hid behind the couch and covered my head with a pillow. I was embarrassed for both of us.” –'sNaughtyNumbers.htm

  51. have a lookie here…

    an example of a scam… i dunno nu skin… so… uhh… yeah… i dunno… xD

  52. I have a post regarding my personal opinion on this matter..and facts actually

  53. Not only do they hide the nature of the business, the company name, and now, they even ask you to meet them at Pacific Star, not Trafalgar or Octagon. Apparently, this is to prevent you from Googling them up! Please take note of this new ploy.

  54. Hail google! Geez! This entry saved my ass too!
    I’m supposedly going to that address later…but thanks to this info…I won’t bother to take an mrt ride. Now they also call themselves NSE Philippines.

  55. haha…kakatawag lang nito sakin…at katulad ng ginawa mo…search agad kay google…at sandamakmak na blogs about this address na nagsasabing scam..hehe…salamat talaga kay google…

  56. hmmm may katatawag lng din sakin ngaun..pinapapunta ako sa 15th floor octagon building ng 6:30pm tomorrow. creepy kase kilala nya ako and alam nya kung sang skul ako galing..pero ang bilis nyang magsalita kaya d n ako masyadong nkapaginquire kung panu b un..napa OO ako sa offer nya ng appointment pero plgay ko hindi n lng ako pupunta..i tried to google about this issue at napansin ko n mas madaming negative feedbacks sa mga blogs tungkol sa kanila..hindi nmn ako against sa MLM pero palagay ko theres something fishy tungkol sa kanila. anyway, d ko pupuntahan ung appointment bukas. salamat sa nagpost dito at mdami akong nalaman. plgay ko kung skaling naniwala ako sa Nuskin n yan..isa n ako sa tumatawag at nagiismooth talk sa ibang tao ngaun pra may maisama ako sa gusot n napasok ko.. kudos protagonist!

  57. fuck protagonist when he said multi level marketing = pyramidal scam… 😀 he’s my friend kaya pede q sabihin un…

    binasa q xe ulit tapos napansin q un…

    and uh…

    come on people… define “pyramidal scam”
    and how it works… xD

    if you can… please do tell…

    since i’m in a multi-level marketing… only in a different one… i’m kind of offended… xD

    and i’m already earning btw…

    and uh… kung may mga questions about multi level marketing… i’ll answer them…

    i didnt go to NU skin because i am 1000% sure i’ll earn when i joined the company where i am in now…

    so… aun… link back to my site for questions 😀

    oh and yeah… aun… sucks kung mag depend kau sa opinion ng isang tao… wag one-sided… 😀

    basta un… :world peace:D

  58. Please read “Secrets of Millionaires Mind” by T. Harv. Eker… You will see the difference between Rich and Poor People.

  59. i just have same call luckily i read this she in different name from the others ands he also said the same thing to 15th floor san miguel ave ortigas center octagon
    sabi niya she got my name in a survey from my job fair in my shcool
    this blog save me from the freaks

  60. damn, thanks a lot.. i received the same phone call last night Feb. 23, 2009.. she gave me the same instructions the attire and everything. her name is Ann Villegas, she said she got a recommendation from my school San Beda. Guess i wont be seeing her tomorrow..

  61. lol i’m from san beda too but i have never received such recommendation. o.o

  62. Wow. This was enlightening. Had the same call a few minutes ago. I guess I won’t be going to that appointment on friday. Thanks.

  63. Just an hour before my scheduled appointment with a certain Lanlin Lopez, I thought of googling on the net this synergy1 global benture. Lo and behold, a flood of irate letters was what I found! Not a good idea to meet with this “recruiter,” I concluded. I’ve got only two free days in a week – I don’t think I’m gonna freakin waste it on something so dubious as this. You NUSKIN guys, you better stir yourselves clear of these alleagtions. Put out your business in the light of day. Good business is not all about making money and preying on your vulnerable brethren. Shape up, guys, life is short!

  64. thanks my ganitong blog ,,,

    i received a call just a while ago … her name is (if i got it right) KIM (09224155962) … my ifoforrm dw siya n team para dun s business nya ,, and she invited me para mag meet on April 13, 6.30pm at 15th floor octagon building s san miguel ave ortigas. … SMART CASUAL .. d ko tlaga maintindihan kung anu ung business nya ,, den she told me dat she got my number from my former highskul klazm8 … she offers me 20k per month … i got confused so i decided to google it and surprisingly mala2mn ko n d pla maganda kung 2muloy ako dun ,,,

    thanks bloggers :p

  65. always. 😀

  66. hey guys… i just got a call today… her name is Abi Lawan… whats common on our story is that its also on the 15th floor of the octagon building and my school recommended me to them… she said to me that her company is NS International and i was gonna be on a part time job since i told her that i am currently working, i asked her if its related to IT since im on the IT field and she said yes. the problem is that i tried to search the company through the internet and as i expected no NS International is related to IT…. then i narrowed down my search on only “in the philippines” and same result no NS International… i tried to search for the address “15th floor octagon building san miguel avenue pasig”… and BOOM! i found this blog… damn! i also gave my number to her… haha… she also tried to convince me to go to the address today… i said i cant because i already have a commitment so she told me if im available on tuesday or thursday and i said tuesday 7pm… my god i made an appoitment with someone i didnt know… haha… the thing is she knows my name, my landline and from where i finished college… i kept on asking her who from the school gave my contact number, she said its confidential… take note that she said that MY SCHOOL recommended me because of my credibility and performance at college… they offered me a part time job because it was only project based so i could work regularly with my current company and then make an income with the PROJECT they want me to be in… its very tempting right?… haha… i hope everyone could see this… if you think that something fishy is going with a call from someone you dont know do the following, 1. ask every question you wanna ask, 2. dont give any info about you, and 3. try searching the net for answers…. i did 1 and 3… the problem is that i gave my contact number, my mobile number… im a victim… haha… so please be cautious guys… again the one who called me was ABI LAWAN 09174235563 of NS INTERNATIONAL 15TH Floor OCTAGON BUILDING SAN MIGUEL AVENUE PASIG CITY…

  67. i just got the same call last 2 days. thanks for the info, im also hesitant to go, now i know the reason why. thanks

  68. I received a call from a close friend about this thing. Since close friend ko siya, I trusted her. She didn’t say the name of the company sa call niya, but she did say na I can earn around 15-30k monthly. She told me to go to the 15th floor of the Teleperformance Bldg in San Miguel Ave. Hours later, narealize ko na hindi nga niya na-mention name ng company. So I texted her. She said it’s NSE Philippines, they are an import distribution and human resources management business. Sounds super professional diba? Despite the professional-sounding description she gave, I decided to google the company – blog after blog ang nakita kong comments about NSE.

    After reading all the blogs, I have decided not to go. I don’t know how to tell my friend, but I’m sure I won’t go. Thank you for this post. 🙂

  69. got the same call, us healthcare company daw, sked me on sat., i ask how he got my number then he said they had a so called “team” dw n kumukuha ng mga contact ng mga alumni ng diff. school. ngduda dn me kse prang ang gulo at ang bilis niang kausap so i decided to surf the net, at un nga npunta ako s site no, tnx tlga…mamuti mata nila dun!hahaha

  70. “Multi-networking marketing” is synonymous to “Pyramidal Scam”.

    – Please have a deeper research on that. You’re misleading a lot of people.

  71. omg… i just got that same call! thank you guys for your comments here, ndi n ako pupunta haha ^^ sorry Katherine Portillo, i am already rich. haha

    • someone called me, her name was Katherine Portillo, she told me she got my name and contacts from a third party database recommended it to their HRD. I never applied to any company nor send any of my credentials and contact infos. She asks me to go in NS International, 15th Floor, Teleperformance Building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas.

      She’s offering me a part time job to become a part of their “team” on this study.

      Help me. This might be a scam?

  72. MLM is lega, but those NU Skinism fanatics are unethical and unprofessional that they are giving MLM a bad reputation.

    Avoid rin CA2020. It’s also a front for NU Skinism.

  73. …if im not mistaken, kaya kilala tayo ng mga caller naten , is that because kilala talaga nila tayo,,,I mean pwedeng kaibigan naten sila or kakilala,, nagpapalit lang sila ng names,,,,, kc may kakilala ako before na mention niya un ganitong klase ng “kalokohan” ,, ineenganyo ako kc malaki daw yung kita…,,,, pero salamat nalang talaga kc na enlighten ako, kung hindi ko nabasa to malamang isa narin ako sa maloloko….kaya guyz sa susunod bago kumilos e manigurado muna tayo…=)

  74. Sme thing for me just today.. this Clarisse Butalid called me some time this noon for the same purpose.. good thing may mga ganitong forums!!! haha. boycott na to bukas..:)

  75. querz, a college student.well, sad 2 say.. Naloko aq ng nu skin. Kasasali q lang this november, na engganyo kc ako sa ang masakit pa, friend ko pa yung nagsali sakin dun. Sinabi nya na wla nman raw aqng gagawin, naghrap akong mag ipon ng 12600.. Pero d ko kagad nabawi, sana nabasa ko muna 2 bago aq nagdecide na sumali. Lesson 2 sakn, pati na rn sana sa inyo.

  76. same thing happened to a fresh grad..someone juz called me, she said her name was cherry (juz cherry) and offered me some part time job. US healthcare company daw cla and my new project cla and scheduled for an appointment tom @1:30pm. nirecommend dw aq ng skulm8 but wen i asked who it was di n dw nkaspecify kng cno.she taught me about how to go there “from megamall to linden suite den my mki2ta daw aq n white building wid banco de oro sa ground floor den pnta dw aq ng 15th floor and look for cherry” nkakaloka nmn wen i asked her wats d name of the company pinaikot nya lng pero di nya cnabi ung i googled every building n ktabi ng linden and tada!!I found this 15th floor octagon centre. thanks for this blog this is really helpful. guess im not going there tomorrow..

  77. Same scenario. I got a call from Clarisse Butalid last Friday. Gave me the same address and informed me that it was a Pharma company and we are for pre-evaluation with good compensation. I was on my way to meet her yesterday but with a struck ( I was late for the appontment due to traffic hehehe good thing!) and some good advise. I texted her to reschedule and ask if it was an MLM company and if i am ging to attend a seminar? She didnt reply asap but when she replied she said it wasnt.(liar)
    Now im sure i wont be going to meet her. Thanks a lot for you post
    BTW Im not rich but i also dont want to be tagged as stupid 🙂

  78. oh my God.. Thank you for making a comment about that “NS International”.. I got a call just this morning and his name was Jay, Jay Ramos naman.. Siguro di yun yung mga names nilang talaga.. pupunta sana ako sa saturday kaya lang di namn nila sinabi yung background ng company nila, so I searched it over the net then ito.. ito nakita ko, thank you talaga!! Kala ko big opporununity na ito for me, hindi paLa…

  79. I got a call from “Lyn Barias” and her no. is 09157677548. She’s also offering a part time job for me. NSE International Philippines is the name of their company. They first call you saying you were referred by a friend and that they are in need of a business partner for expansion of a U.S. based company. My sched is on Sat Jan 30, 2010 on 1pm. 15th floor of Teleperformance Bldg. Thanks there is such a blog and forums like these. 🙂

  80. hey guys! is this really a scam? cause this afternoon, someone named cherry aguilar called me, fr. a US company, for part-time.. she set me up for a meeting tom. but Im thinking if I should go or not because my friend refeered me.. does anyone here attended the meeting and what are the job details?? im clueless..thanks!

  81. hey guys iwas called this said company today, feb. 6 2010.. punta daw ako on wed. 4:30pm at 15th flor octagon bldng. napakabilis ng pagsasalita nya at nakakaenganyo ang sinasabi,, pero nung tinanung ko ung compny name she speeks very fast na di mo aintindihan ung company name.. na shock ako nung sinabi nya na i dont need to bring resume, just a 1 identification card,, i ask her kng san nya nakuha no. ko and di nya sinagot she divert my question in other topics.. 2 slots daw for me and makaka earn ako ng 15 thousand to 20 thousand a month… after searching and reading all your coments hmmm buti na lng nakita ko ang totoo thanks guys. beware: 15th flor octagon building, ortigas!

  82. feb. 11, 2010– i got these call too just these time only (4pm)..and dahil kggcng ko lang dahil galing ako from a night duty volunteer nurse kaya medyo drowsy tlg school recommended me daw..duh?? hnd nga ako ngpasa sa school nmin ng resume eh. and pnakikinggan ko lng sya,dirediretso sya magsalita..and then sinabi lng nya n pumunta daw ako bukas friday (feb.12,2010) @ 3:30pm..tas ung address eh same with these all in the comments..@ SM megamall to linden hotel San Miguel AVenue then BDO building sa 15th floor ortigas and look for ms. rubis. and then inask ko what company name nila eh sa sobrang antok nga nklimutan ko and then i just googled the address..and here’s what i found..thanks..i dont wanna waste my time on such things like these..balak ko p nmn umabsent buti n lng at i googled looking for a hospital experience not on these.hays. tnx again.

  83. I was searching about this company and I also end up with this blog.. I was about to go there later at 3pm, Thank God I found this blog.. Thank you for posting this.. 🙂

  84. OMG! Is this for real?? I got the same phone call last feb.14’09.. the girl said that shes my sister friend and i was referred by my sis (its true, actually ung sis q unang nakareciv ng call, inaywan nya ung offer coz she already has he job. then nask daw ito f cnu pwede nyang i-refer, since wala naman ako work ako na lng yung sinabi nya.) Actually, hindi ko masyadong naintindihan ung conversation dahil super bilis nyang mgsalita and maingay dun sa place q. All i remember is they were having a project and if I want I can join her. Hindi ko masyadong naintindihan kung ano yung project na yun, basta sinabi nya about managerial training and sa training plang my salary na, about 15k-20k daw. She ask me if I’m available on Saturady Feb 17’09 at 1:30pm. Then inistruct nya ko n pumunta sa ’15th floor Teleperformance Bldg, San Miguel Ave. Ortigas Center Pasig City. I shouls wear business attire daw and bring 1 id. Tinanong din nya if I’m familiar sa place den she gave me instructions kung pano pumunta dun.Then pag nsa bldg n daw ako just txt her nlng daw para ma-meet nya ko. I’m scheduled tomorrow but thanks God ng research aq.. I typed in the address she gave and I ended up with different blogs/stories like this. ^-^

  85. congrats smart people…or are you really smart?
    when you do research, go to credible sites…

  86. thanks sa blog. natawagan din ako nito last wednesday, dapat may “interview” ako mamaya. pero nagddoubt talaga ako. XD ayun, nagsearch ako at ang dami palang blog.

    sa 15th floor teleperformance building daw sila.

    grabe, years na pala silang nangiiscam.. x.x

  87. Hey, what is happening, is this bloq about phones ore about moblies, i don’t know

  88. Salamat mga pare!
    I just got a call kanina from Joy Arcilla, curious ako kasi hindi siya nagsasabi ng job title or what company connected. Tagal na pala nito. salamat ulit.

  89. i also got a call from the same “company”… i am scheduled for an appointment on august 11, 3pm… while i was talking to him, (Martin is his name) i really cannot clearly understand what he was saying… he told me that they are US-based company and asked me if i am interested for a part-time or full-time jobs… but he didn’t say anything about the salary… he just told me if i want to know more about it, i should come to an appointment so we can discuss things and he will show me a short video presentation… he gave me the name of the company (NS international) and the address… same address with the other persons above.. since i didn’t clearly understand what he was saying, i made a research about the company… and this blog came out… i was surprised with this… really… so thank you for sharing all your experiences about this company… i made up my mind not to come to the said appointment…

  90. Wooh…She calls me a minute ago that’s why I search for her name for reference and check her profile available. She do the same thing and the same time and address that she gave to you

    -Wear smart casual
    -3:30pm, and please, be professional. Come on time.
    -15th floor, Octagon Centre, San Miguel Ave. Ortigas Pasig. Marunong ka naman pumunta sa may megamall di ba? Behind SM Megamall.

    I think authorities need to beware public about this woman. She might done a crime to her victims.

  91. Thank you for this info. I was supposed to meet a certain “Cha Maring” on the same address this Saturday. At first I thought it was legit since the woman insisted on talking to me in person, just so it would be more professional than a phone conversation. I should’ve been more inquisitive. She probably wanted to talk to me in person just so she wouldn’t be able to tell me the exact details of what will happen during the supposed “meeting.”
    Last night, I even asked her to reschedule the appointment since I’m going to do a volunteer activity this weekend. She agreed and told me she’d call again Tuesday next week to tell me what date and time the next meeting will be. It’s great I decided to use the interwebs this time. Now I’m equipped with firsthand accounts of businessmen, full-time employees, and fresh graduates who were apparently severely disappointed when they learned what NuSkin/NSE/Synergy 1 is truly about.
    I’m excited to pick up my mobile once Cha Maring calls me next Tuesday. This time, I won’t accept excuses and bullcrap.

  92. thank you for all the comments… one thing for sure, ALWAYS follow what u believe.

    i got same calls, same scenario and encouraging me to have meeting with them in exchange of a “BIG” income… after hearing that word, I ask myself, “Ilang taon na ba ako?” im 24 years old. “I doubt may lalaki pa sa kinikita ko ngayon compared sa ibnag 24 ear old Filipino here in the Philippines… pinagmamalaki pa niya that the work is rewarding. hay, its miserable.

    ang akin lang sana if youy want to be rich/ richer/ richest, never ever take advantage of others…

    im very very fulfilled today at an early age without doing miserable, unethical and immoral acts. just follow my chinese grandparents business rule, “Never count your money. Invest in REAL people YOU KNOW WELL”

  93. thank you for this blog & its comments. i’ve had the same experience w/ u guys. someone called me for an “interview” for a part-time, but the way that she reminded me that I should be professional and really attend the interview made me suspicious. she sounded desperate. and so i thank google & this blog for confirming my suspicion.

  94. I have the same experience.

    Thanks for sharing.

  95. hahaha kaka receive ko lang ng calls from a certain name Emma, ask ko ung complete name nya hindi nya bgay…….nakuha daw nya number ko sa university kung san me grad… dinami dami ako pa ang ni-recommend???? hahahaha 1:30 daw be professional and wear smart casual dress…hahaha look for Janey Magana daw……sorry emma i have my work naman….actually di ko rin kaya mag extra work pa…im a fulltime teacher…..although di yayaman ok lang…wag lang mag mukang tanga!!! thanks for this blog!!!

  96. yeah. I received a call this morning, actually pang 4th time nya ng tumawag. She introduced herself as Janet Magana. Yeah, same stuff she told me. Be on time. Wear a corporate attire. sakay ng fx papuntang pasig ang punta linden suite hotel.. chenylyn boom boom bammm…. i hesitate to go. buti ndi ako ngpupunta and buti nlng nbasa ko tong blog na to!! My Goodness….

  97. I think ang purpose na hindi nila sinasabi na MLM sya or “networking” is just that most Filipinos do have misconceptions about this way of distribution. “Networking” is not a scam, it’s just a general term for distribution channel same as franchising, the commissions they give are royalties, they give incentives to the uplines for teaching you how to do the business..Example, may business ka ng tindahan, gusto mo magtayo ng branch sa Cebu kaso pag ginawa mo un maglalabas ka ng malaking puhunan kasi pag traditional business malaki talaga ang puhunan., mas ok na kumuha ka na lang n taong tuturuan mo gumawa ng same business sa Cebu and you will get Royalties for teaching him/her on how to do the’s the same concept kaya yumaman si JK Rowlings, because of Royalties,less inventories and less overheads..Marami kasi satin hindi pa nakikita nagjujudge na..Wala naman talagang big business na nadidiscuss over phone.. Hindi controlled ng company kung sino sa mga members nila ang gagawa ng maganda or masama,kahit san naman may ganun..Nakabas ako ng sign up form ng Nuskin before, contract yata un nila, pwede mo isumbong sa NuSkin ung member na gumagawa ng scam, and paparusahan nila un..Bakit hindi nyo subukan ireklamo ung mismong mga scammers para kastiguhin sila mismo ng NuSkin? You are giving any justice to both sides, you play victims lagi kaya hanggang tsismisan na lang tayo dito..Hindi ako taga MLM pero hindi ako nagpapaka ipokrito, gusto ko rin umunlad sa buhay syempre pero hindi selling linya ko, lahat naman ng tao may choices..Kaya kayo pinapupunta to see for yourself.Meron bang business na walang binebenta? hahaha.. hindi naman siguro kayo sasakalin pag hindi kayo sumali sa kanila..May sarili naman kayong utak to decide.. Siguro hindi naman sukatan ng pagsakay ng jeep ang pagiging mahirap or mayaman, practicality lang siguro.. mahirap kasi magjudge, dahil pansin ko lang walan umiimik na taga NuSKin dahil they’ve got better things to do, walang silang oras para pansinin ung mga chismisan natin dito, sila yumayaman na, tayo chismisan pa rin dito….LOL

  98. Bravo versus..Bravo! well-said!

  99. dun sa nagsabing walang big business ang dinidiscuss over the phone, napakaliit naman ng mundo mo…try working in a bank…millions of pesos in transactions are being discussed over the phone, EVERYDAY…

    this week pa lang, 8 auto loan applicants na ang dinecline ko ng makita kong taga networking…SYNERGY, ALLIANCE IN MOTION, HEALTH WEALTH etc…kung talagang mayayaman kayo, wag kayo mag apply ng loan, i-CASH nyo…

    kung makasalita pa pag ininterview, kala mo kung sinong mga big time…langya, mga tadtad naman ng utang sa credit card…

    • ang tawag jan leverage. pero depende sa uutang kung gagawin nyang good debt or bad debt yan. delikado rin kaya ang cash. ubos ang asset mo. ang car, kung hindi gagamitin sa negosyo, at sa pag-papasikat lang gagamitin, para kang bumili ng liability mo. once na ginamit mo ang car, nagde-depreciate na siya. siguro naman na alam mo yan, kaya nga may credit investigation di ba, para alam mo kung para saan gagamitin (if needed to ask).

      kung makasagot sila sa phone parang big time? depende rin yan. kung maganda naman ang pagsagot sayo, ang tawag yan law of attraction. projection kumbaga. pero kung assh*le ang pagsagot, ang tawag jan epal. feelingero.

      at sa lahat ng mareklamong naloko sila, tanungin nyo kung bakit parang iisa sila ng scheme? baka naman may system yan, hindi lang nila naimplement ng tama. kahit naman sa real estate, hindi nila ine-explain lahat kahit presyo hindi nila binibigay, kasi ang purpose ng call ay ma-curious ang buyer at kung interested siya talaga, pupunta sila sa sales office at site para maipakita ng maayos ng agent ang development. kahit naman sa network marketing sa ibang bansa, ganyan din ang sistema. mag-research nga muna kayo, ilagay nyo ang mga sarili nyo sa posisyon nila at alamin kung bakit ganun. don’t be judgmental, kahit pa feeling nyo naloko kayo. hindi yan reklamo ng reklamo, puro emosyon, tamad naman alamin ang straight facts, walang logic. feeling biktima palagi, parang soap opera. kaya hindi umaasenso eh, sa iba sinisi ang buhay na ikaw naman ang nagdedesisyon.

      • bank transactions over the phone ay possible naman talaga kasi ano ba ino-offer nila? convenience di ba? pero sa huli, pupunta ka pa rin ng bank to finalize your agreement, personally talk to account managers for hard-to-explain questions, and to settle contracts. anubeh. hindi kayang i-explain ang business model sa phone (kung business-minded ka talaga, alam mo yan), baka lalo ka lang maguluhan kasi kailangan mo ng visuals (alam mo naman tayo, mas nakakaintindi kapag may pictures at presentation). so para diretso na, punta ka na lang sa presentation at kung ayaw mo, eh di wag. kung hindi ka interesado, edi sabihin mo agad ayaw mo. shucks. sino ba nagdedesisyon for you? tamad ka lang kumilos at maging objective sa desisyon mo. ok lang magbasa ng blogs, pero kung ito ang pagbabasehan mo ng desisyon mo, wow. congrats, you already have been manipulated by other people

        ako personally, natawagan na rin. siguro twice na. yung una, hindi ako pumunta. sabi ko busy ako eh (tsaka lagi akong out of town for work). ok naman siya, walang pilitan. yung second, pumunta na ko. ok naman yung presentation nila, informative. tsaka kung yun nga, business-minded ka, ma-ge-gets mo naman sinasabi nila. pero nung huli, kahit ok pa siya sinabi kong next time na lang. maganda nga, pero hindi kaya ng sched ko eh. meron din akong part-time work. (sobrang sipag ba? hindi naman, may pangarap lang ako na gustong matupad).

        para sa mga gustong magtayo ng business jan, magandang foundation ang network marketing to enhance or improve your selling, negotiation, leading people, time management skills, people motivation, network/connections (kailangan mo yan, kumbaga sila ang mga first customers mo eh), etc. sa network marketing, wala ka masyadong sakit ng ulo sa empleyado kasi lahat kayo, business partners. ibig sabihin, lahat kayo leader ng negosyo nyo kaya gagawin mo talaga ang best mo kasi negosyo mo nga yan eh. wala rin overhead cost at rental fee. mukha ba akong fan ng network marketing? oo naman, alam ko ang power nyan. corporate marketing ang work ko eh. PERO ang bottomline jan, nasa tao/organization ang ikauunlad ng company. sana lang yung mga nanloloko talaga sa network marketing ay tamaan ng kidlat. imbes na umunlad tayo eh, nag-gugulangan pa (sorry for the term).

  100. guys and gals, wag magpapa-uto at magpapa-intimidate sa mga “pseudo-intellectuals” at “rich people kuno” na member ng kultong ito…one thing is certain, HINDI PO KAYO PINAG-ARAL NG MGA MAGULANG NYO PARA MAGBENTA NG BEAUTY PRODUCTS…

    • (pasensya na sa haba ng post)

      hindi rin naman tayo pinag-aral ng magulang natin para magpakahirap magtrabaho sa mga kumpanyang nagbebenta ng beauty products (or any kind of business because business is basically selling products or service)…?! anubeh. may mga tao lang talaga na utak negosyante at utak empleyado. tanong mo sa mga chinese, pinag-aral sila ng magulang para mag-negosyo (malay mo, beauty products yun -hehe) ang point ko, depende kung anong mindset ng tao at ng mga tao nakapaligid sa kanya. meron akong kaibigang chinese, halos lahat ng classmate nya nung HS, may negosyo na or kung may work man, may part-time business pa rin (including him, at papaya soap distribution ang negosyo nya ha!). hindi rin sila masyadong off sa network marketing kasi hindi ibang tao ng nagdedecide for them, at hindi din dahil sa mga nababasa lang dito. pinupuntahan talaga nila. hindi sila tamad, di tulad ng normal na pinoy na computer ang palaging kaharap. kapag nakita nila na hindi ok for them, edi hindi. kung may nakita silang potential, ginagawa talaga nila.

      at sa ayon sa research ko, member ang nu skin ng DSAP (direct selling association of the phils), kalinya lang naman niya ang avon at amway (na kung hindi pa ninyo alam eh, “grandfather” ng people franchise aka network marketing, remember the avon ladies?). may mga tao talagang hindi kontrolado ng kumpanya. sa traditional company nga eh, marami rin pasaway (mas kontrolado nga lang sila kasi bounded sila ng “office”). wag puro salita (at cyber-reklamo), maglakad-lakad at pumunta sa office nila para magsumbong. o kaya, konting exercise jan, gamitin ang internet sa tamang paraan. hanapin ang contact #s ng nu skin at i-angat ang braso, konting pindot sa phone at kausapin ang admin nila. pareho lang yan, kung meron kayong reklamo na tao, sabihin nyo sa HR ng kumpanya. sa internet, opinion is a commodity. madaling gatungan ang maliit na issue. nasa mismong tao naman yan kung gusto mo o hindi. malay mo, yan na pala yung kailangan mo, hindi mo nga lang nakita kasi na-unahan ka na ng nega vibes.

      tsaka yung mga sumali ng nagre-reklamong naloko sila, kayo naman ang nagdecide nyan eh. wag niyo isisi sa ibang tao ng failure nyo. dapat nag-research muna kayo. at once decided, pangatawanan nyo. be accountable for your actions. tsaka, sinong nagsabi na madali ang network marketing?! treat it as you would treat your (traditional) business. sa tingin mo ba, kikita ka sa hotdog stand mo ng walang standees? or “promotions”? or sign boards? or kahit man lang yung tauhan mong sumisigaw ng “bili na kayo ng hotdog ko!!!”? kaya nga may marketing eh. sa network MARKETING, imbes na mag-advertise ka, yung mga distributors ang “walking advertisements”. at imbes na magbayad ka for warehousing, logistics, and distribution fees, sa network marketing binibigay yan sa distributors as “commissions”. sa network marketing company, tinatapatan nila ang effort mo. kung ok ka mag-work, shempre, mas ok ang commission mo, kung maliit lang ang effort mo, edi maliit lang commission mo. try mong mag-effort sa company mo, anong ibibigay sayo, fixed OT pay? kahit anong galing mo, hindi tataas ang sweldo mo sa supervisor mo, unless ma-promote ka. shempre, fix-salary grade eh. yan, network marketing myth yan di ba? yung kumikita lang yung nasa itaas, pyramid kumbaga? so, ang traditional company, scam din? hay. sa totoo lang, simple lang network marketing eh. simple pero hindi madali. doble hirap ng mga totoong network marketer jan.

      at last na, ayon din sa research ko, 25 yrs na worldwide ang nu skin. kung scam yan, hindi yan tatagal ng ganyan. at hindi siya pwedeng maging publicly listed sa new york stock exchange. at hindi siya pwedeng i-rate ng duns & bradstreet for financial credibility. at hindi rin siya pwede i-sama ng forbes sa top 100 companies (5th ata ang nu skin). kung objective ka sa pag-assess ng company, malalaman mong ok na company ang nu skin. yun nga lang, maraming pasaway. sayang.

  101. at yun iba na nagsasabi na “job interview” yung sinabi sa kanila over phone… minsan, hindi ko rin pinapaniwalaan. kasi kung ano ang gusto mong isipin, yan ang maalala mo. yun ang wiring ng brain mo, kumbaga. example, may friend ako sabi ko sunday kami magkikita. pero dahil ang iniisip nya eh, saturday dahil sa sunday daw hindi siya sure (hindi na niya ako nabalikan kung free siya or hindi ng sunday). so, nagpunta siya ng saturday sa meeting place namin. nagalit siya kasi mali daw ang sinabi ko at nasayang ang oras nya. malinaw naman na sunday ang sinabi dahil after the call, i texted her + i noted it in my planner. i even call her mother to say na baka dumaan ako on sunday sa kanila. oh well.

    at para naman sa mga network marketers na sinabi talagang “job interview” ang call, damn you all. sinisira nyo ang industriya nyo. kayo rin ang nahihirapan maghanap ng business partners nyo. tandaan nyo, cycle of duplication ang business model nyo. kung anong ginawa nyo para makakuha ng business partners, yan din ang gagawin sa inyo ng downlines nyo. pare-pareho kayong babagsak.

  102. wow..i enjoyed reading all your comments.!, uR all ryt nmAn eh..u have ur own opiniOn about this..

    i havE the same experience like u guys..A PHONE CALL…GLOBE #.!.she said that they are looking for a PARTIME/FULLTIME.!.i told her that I am already working in a bank..ok lng nman dw kahit partime.. i ask her where did she get my #..and answered..”you referred by ur school.!.kelan dw ako pwede and she just txt na lng dw ung’s like this..[AUGUST 20, 2011 at 2pm..15th floor Teleperformance Octagon Center San Miguel Ave. Ortigas..look for Anna.]Be professional dw..come on time..ang ayOko lng is ginagamit pa ung UNIVERSITY where I graduated..(sabi pa na ang mga graduate ng gnyang school..marunong tumupad sa usapan..).well it dpends noh.!.ndi kme tinuruan mging TANGA…

    -tinuruan kme na before we decide on something..we should know more about it..considered everything…mhirap ng mgsisi sa huli..

    -ndi kc cla ngre2ply nung tinanong ko kng what they are looking for..or simply ung mga POSITIONS.!.(.un pla NETWORKING).when i searched them in the internet..

    -well today sana ung sa PHARMANEX na un nka2tamad ang panahon ngaun.!:DD


  104. Dear Know-it-alls:

    Dont you even know what NYSE is? Thats New York Stock Exchange, and Nu Skin is listed in it. Dont you know what that means? USE YOUR BRAINS MORONS. Or maybe thats what GOOGLE is for, dont you think?!
    anyway, you dont fit in Nu Skin -classy.
    You jejemons fit in AVON and NATASHIA..maybe youre more familiar with them?! : )
    poor you.

  105. […] […]

  106. Adam Baker’s banned book: “Formerly Filthy Rich: My Scandalous Life with a Billionaire Cougar”

    The book Nu Skin co-founder Sandie Tillotson tried to suppress!

    Read it here now!

    An excellent followup thread at realscam:

  107. Sandie Tillotson’s 2nd husband,Diederik van Nederveen, also has a tell-all book out about Nu Skin and life with Sandie:

    Trophy Husband – My Time Observing the 1% Feeding on the 99%

    You can read excerpts of the book on line as well as more excellent information about the Nu Skin scam on his website:

  108. MLM is BAD NEWS! An MLM company named “S1 Global”/”Nu Skin Enterprise”/”Pharmanex” tried to contact me a couple of days ago.

    I received a call that a Biotech company based in Dubai is in need of a Financial Planner. (which was a big fat lie) The opportunity sounds very attractive and promising! So, I got excited that this very nice offer just landed on my lap. The person who called me did not introduce herself properly. She did not state the exact name of the company, despite of me asking her about it for 4 times in the duration of the call. She seems to be in a rush, vague, and she muffled all of the details. She seemed like she was speaking in gibberish. She looked like she was concealing something –it was all very fishy and suspicious.

    She told me that they are looking to give me a job for a project for this certain Biotech company in Dubai. She asked me to bring my valid ID, a copy of my resume and to show up in corporate attire at 6:30 PM.

    I was like, “What? Are you kidding me? A job interview at 6:30 PM? Do I look like a freaking hooker to you? What company from hell conducts a job interview in the evening?”

    To cut the story short, I showed up: with a valid ID, a resume and in corporate attire. I was curious, I always have been. I am old enough, logical and I can take care of myself.

    Before I headed to The Roof Deck of the Prestige Tower along Emerald Avenue in Ortigas, I texted her, asking for the name of the company again. She told me it was “S1 Group”. (which is clearly another lie.)

    Off I went to the Roof Deck of Prestige Tower. I was greeted by my contact person named Phoebe Reyes. She looked eager to please and enthusiastic — the kind that makes people really uncomfortable.

    I was 30 minutes late. She quickly gestured me to enter the air conditioned room. The room was filled with speakers. There was a slide show, a video presentation and all that jazz. It is obvious that they really invest in these “meetings”. I was waiting for Phoebe (or anyone, really) to ask for my resume. But no one did.

    A lot of people in the audience seemed persuaded. The man sitting beside me was taking down notes during the entire talk. Most of us, were fresh graduates looking to find better work opportunities for ourselves. There were adults too: some stay-at-home moms, people from the provinces and some out-of-work middle-aged men.

    The speakers seemed really trained to say the right stuff. They keep tossing these emotional-grabbing and misleading symbolisms that were designed to convince people of the promise of easy money. It was all smoke and mirrors.

    After that, we were asked to go back to our contact persons and to ask them about our concerns. I asked her how she got my contact details. She nervously paused for a while and told me that they have a database. I did not ask any further, I already knew the real answer from her response. I also asked her, if we are going to all be employed and if they are employed or even directly associated with NU Skin and Pharmanex? She vaguely replied, “This is a side project of those companies. We need leaders like you.” Then she handed me out a form, asking me to write the mobile numbers of my friends. I only wrote one, my old and unused mobile number. I reasoned that my cellphone is new, and my contacts are not yet listed.

    Phoebe got the impression that I was not an ounce convinced. So, she quickly led me to the elevator and told me to meet her again for coffee during the weekend with some of the other “trainers” (aka stupid-*** scammers). She also told me to Google the company of NU Skin, Pharmanex, etc. (She told me this, because the first results on Google are all about made-up websites and blogs defending the NU Skin scam. The real blogs of the scam victims were pushed back too pages 9 and 10 of Google.)

    I politely told her that I will check my schedule and get back to her and hurried home.

    This is a warning to everyone who is in the middle of this NU Skin ponzi-scheme.

    They say this is not a pyramid scam? THINK AGAIN, and think hard. LOOK AT THE STRUCTURE. Look at it objectively. Ignore their sophisticated symbolisms, empty promises of instant wealth and their sweet words. LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE. Always.

    I want to emphasize that they lied to me about:

    1. The promise of a job opportunity.
    2. The name of the company.

    They lure jobless but educated people, fresh grads, students, people from the provinces looking for work opportunities in Manila, stay-at-home moms and jobless middle-aged people. They lure people who are desperate, gullible and naive. They take advantage of these people’s weaknesses.

    There were also aspects that raised my suspicion about this “company”, such as:

    1. The time and manner of recruiting.
    2. The time (6:30 PM) where the promised interview-turned-recruitment-frenzy was conducted.
    3. The fact that they lied and concealed pertinent information regarding the “job offer”.
    3.1. There was no job offer.
    3.2. They did not tell me where they got my contact details.
    3.3. They concealed the name of the company and the position that they are allegedly “hiring” me for.
    3.4. They concealed their honest intent of contacting me.
    4. Why do they have to change their companies name? (Their previous company names were: “S1 Global”, “Synergy One Global”, “Synergy Global Ventures”, “Synergy Global International”, etc.

    If they really want to conduct an honest business, why is there a need for them to do the things mentioned above?

    Their overall intent is to DECEIVE. They resort to incredibly low and desperate means to get you to pay them Php 13,600. Their main target is to milk innocent and unsuspecting people of the money that they do not have.

    This unethical business practice should be banned. It is a mean-spirited thing to do to people who have honest intentions and for people who make an honest living. There should be laws protecting us against these businesses who make profit by feeding people lies.

    Lastly, DO NOT TAKE THIS OFFER. The reasons are:

    1. You will not be proud of yourself, what you are doing, and what you have become.
    2. Your friends and relatives will avoid and be bothered by you consistently trying to milk them of money that they do not want to spend.
    3. You will hate yourself for being a dumb sucker and falling for this scam.
    4. THIS IS NOT A CAREER. Peddling people lies is NOT a career.
    5. This is not a noble and respectable thing to do with your life. You will live a life without a sense of dignity.

    I am sure there are many more reasons, but this is all I can come up with.

    I actually feel bad for the unsuspecting suckers who threw away 13K for the promise of easy money. I sincerely wish them all the best in life and I hope that they will soon live a life of dignity and respect.

    If you have come this far in reading, I hope you will make the right decision. The right decision is always the decision you are happy with.

    By the way, the details of my contact person for NU Skin is below:
    Name: Phoebe Reyes
    Mobile Number: 09154209058
    Alma Mater: De La Salle – College of St. Benilde
    Major: BSBA Export Management

    …so that you will know who to avoid out of the thousands of NU Skin scammers littered across the archipelago.

    • Oh mygod, that phoebe reyes person is not phoebe reyes, it is PHOEBE CAPULONG. i just went to their “job interview” a while ago. She came from the same high school as i did and i saw her there, and from what i know she graduated from csb rin…. I don’t think na may ganyang coincidence lang talaga since how many filipinos do you think are named PHOEBE and went to the same school as i did and is in NSE? So, fuck, they even deceive their prospects by giving out fake names. I only went a while ago because i trusted high school classmate of mine asked me to come over.

  109. In addition, why are they so eager to recruit?

    In the talk, they spoke about a 5% royalty that they receive from “training” (aka recruiting) “top executives” (aka dumbass suckers)… The way I see it, it really is a pyramid scheme and not MLM. Why? It is because they make money from “training”/recruiting people/”top executives” and the products that they endorse are just a way to cover-up their true intent to SCAM unsuspecting people.

    Again, the details of my contact person for NU Skin is below:
    Name: Phoebe Reyes
    Mobile Number: 09154209058
    Alma Mater: De La Salle – College of St. Benilde
    Major: BSBA Export Management

    …so that you will know who to avoid out of the thousands of NU Skin scammers littered across the archipelago.

  110. Thank you! buti na lng sinearch ko yun building, ngayon alam ko na kung ano tlga yun business nila, gnyan din snbi sakin nung caller, . 🙂

  111. whoah thank God that I was so eager to do a research in everything that I do. and everywhere I go..

    Last week, a caller named Clarise Butalid called me up and saying the same thing. Same like you guys I tried to ask different question about their company but it seems that they are misleading my attention and telling me to just go for a meeting to discuss further details. She also let my friend whom I guess is beside her to talk me… Neither my friend does not tell anything about what I am going to do with that meeting. They just want me to go on that Octagon center and wear business attire.

    Tommorow is the scheduled meet-up but good thing I have read this thread. and thanks for my instinct as well.

    What is sad is that friend of mine is so close to me and now my real impression to her differs, somehow i pity her because maybe she just need to get what she invest to that suck company.

    KUDOS for this thread..

    Sorry Clarise but your company sucks!

  112. Oh men, it got in media already. you guys should check this out…

    This kind of business.. men… it got caught by the media… and it is a good start..

    This something we need to see.. it started already sharing it on other media… check this guy out…

    After I watched this, I can’t believe it…

    and also this:

  113. Thanks sa write up na ito. ive got also this call from Clarise Butalid, Ive got nothing about MLM, kaya lang sana they will be more honest sa phone, hinid yung sasabihin nila interview for consultancy job. Misleading, kasi tapos pagdating mo sa site presentation pala ng MLM nila.sayang ang precious time lalo na at kung hindi naman keen ang tao sa MLM

  114. Thanks din sa blog na to actually yesterday March 10, 2015 i had my siesta when a certain Clarice Butalid called me up and told me na If Im open for new opportunity sabi ko ill try and ayun di ako makasingit sa kakadaldal niya i asked what is the name of her company and sabi niya its a big project that their going to launched in the market in other words idisscuss daw niya sa kin during the pre-qualification interview. Ung mga inquiry ko di niya sinagot and today nagcall na naman siya remind me of my schedule at 26th floor Trafalgar Plaza ..pero nung unang usapan namin sa Pacific Star Building…so idecided to cancel my appointment with her…here is her number in case may tumawag sa inyo same offer…09287613056

  115. Watch out guys. They’re using a slightly different name of “Synergy Business Development”. I asked for their website, and they gave me which was obviously about network marketing (business model as endorsed by Robert Kiyosaki, mentioning about 95% of the population ending up as dead broke after 40 years of working, etc.). It’s not that I have anything against network marketing. But their recruitment strategy is completely deceiving, flawed, and unprofessional.

    This Dennis Navera (the one who called me; 0905 541 4764 & 0923 188 9144) asked me to meet up somewhere in Ortigas for a consultancy project brief. At first I couldn’t make it to the brief so he scheduled me another slot which was held at a different place but also in Ortigas. The funny this is, he couldn’t describe what their company is all about in our texts. He also wanted me to bring a pen, ID, and paper. WOW. No resume needed? LOL. Quite obvious as other companies would be sending emails instead of calls and texts and would be giving a very clear description about their company.

    I don’t wanna be redundant so just same points as the entries above. Be careful guys

  116. Meanwhile, Samsung completely overhauled the design of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

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