madness morning.


Woke up from distress signals of queen amidala, I frantically rose from my deep slumber. But as my mother’s annoying tone lingered through the morning air, she unraveled a worse situation to start my day – I was six o’ clock, sharp – time that you’ll be sending yourself goosebumps for the freakin’ first day class. And then it hit me. I jumped (literally) off the double-decked bed which was, two feet tall. It let a thumping sound off the whole habitation. “bam!”. No one was baffled by it. not even a single violent reaction runs through the air. I started moving legs, left, then the right. suddenly a gush of muscle-crushing pain adjoined both.

It was Sunday morning. I breathe heavily. Eight it was on the clock. Arjohn was on the lookout for my eyelids to clasp open. I was in a hideous sleep, taking moments of my sleep to prolong. Aj, who was ready for a bear trample on me, malfunctioned as I woke myself up. WRONG MOVE. They foreword a decision – to let Sunday morning tiresome – a little time waster – and an exercise probably. Basketball seemed to confined our waste time parade. While they walk toward to where we’re obliged to shoot a sphere, I confined myself on renzo’s (sonny’s lil’ bro) bicycle. It’s been a year or so since I hold and rode on one of this. [poof nuff said] then there, we submit ourselves playing ball and sweating limit break. So far, so good, so boastful me, as I won all plays given on the court there. KEWL.

That’s where I get my ache right now. winning pays a price. The next thing I know I was lying again on the sofa bed, waiting for mother to cook food for us two. it was BLAHsilog again, the most-est breakfast I did ate in my lifetime morning shift. The BLAH equaled porkchop. Now go do the combination. Part, I ran swiftly through the bathroom but ironically, moved slowly on cleaning myself up. and by the way, NAGSABON AKO APRIL. 🙂

Hour to pass and altering late on the chronometer won’t be valid. I dressed myself as slow as I could, tormenting walk down the stairs and through the terminal. Then, took one final leap on the jeepney steps, endures the sudden jolt on my leg muscles.

This is another day torturing me. good grief.



~ by protagonist on February 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “madness morning.”

  1. nagsabon daw sya!!!


  2. happy birthday angel ko 🙂

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