word for the day.

stu∙pid (stoo’pid, styoo’-), adj., -er, -est. Showing or proceeding from a lack of intelligence; ME

concrete examples:

  • walking w/o having the attention or opportunity to dodge a moving vehicle
  • leaving the money where the place is left open for kleptomaniacs.
  • txt-ing too much, worrying to much, unknowingly the problem is.
  • a garbage throw off someone, but an accident occurred.
  • breaking the bracelet given by someone SPECIAL due to the throw.
  • playing DOTA with people lower than thy level
  • sending the keyword UNLITEXT80 to her
  • opening the computer without checking if it’s plugged or not

That’s it for now. I’ll add up some things I’ll do in the future.



~ by protagonist on January 28, 2008.

6 Responses to “word for the day.”

  1. I call it lack of sleep and not enough concentration. Thinking someone too much makes your brain itch.

  2. uhm, ok… so now i know why your brain always itch. ^^

    maybe i will too, always.

  3. Yep,so we’re actually dealing with an itch that cannot be scratched. No wonder Bob Marley wants weed to be legalized.

    Ce’st La Vie.

  4. itch* itch*

    maybe let’s just legalize our own weed.
    ung sinisinghot ni aira saka ni aghie. kewl. 🙂

    ay pati rin pala si mam caslib. XD

  5. 0_0
    Mam Caslib you say? Meh, I think I’ll just settle with everybody else’s weed. Like the one they use to open up the mars or something like that.

    Ce’st La Vie.

  6. sabagay. kesa naman maging mabaliw2 ka sa ka2ti2g sa sexy-ing katawan ni mam caslib. now i do remember, ang hot pa rin kea nya? haha.

    thinking of “i should mess up physics again.”

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