ways of the wicked.

———-> Can you manage to spend almost none for a day in your daily school voyage? Well I’ve got these simple yet very effective methods on how to take home what you’ve just take away from home.

start the escapade by walking towards the terminal rather than taking a tricycle trip or whatsoever. Basically, this applies only to students with walking distance short. Then try to find a jeepney having its first trip for the day. before I forgot, make sure that the amount you’ve brought is two hundred pesos or higher (500 and 1000 is a higher bet). before arriving at santolan station, or maybe 1km away, pay the commuter’s amount. And what do you expect? He’ll let pass the opportunity to add an amount to their daily income, due of a high pay, lower chance for a change, and for everybody else having to have changes too. then on the lrt ride, this applies only if you have a stored value. Simple, your 200 peso bill won’t be diminished, right?

inward beda (or to any on the campus belt), be sure to get early so you won’t be having distressed thoughts of going dota just because you’re late. Then lunch time turn up. Find a spot where the food’s cheap, the food’s a satisfaction. now when paying time is met, have yourself finding spare changes in your bag. The amount remaining will be attained with this: use your ever-effectual charm to convince your classmate add the remaining. And since your charm is “ever-effectual”, you’ll get it.

time for home sweet home to met you. and before you know it, some of your friends would be inviting you to a galore in some mall scattered in metro manila. Hence, no arguments should you made and make a way straight home. that way, no unsubstantial expenses can be called.

lrt time, use again the stored value you are having. Alighting to santolan and finding a vehicular to manage you home, find some people careless enough to notice you paying none (mag one two three, ika nga).

Now you’re home, holding the 200 peso bill you had just brought in the first place. kewl isn’t it?

oh before I forget, I discover a simple modus operandi of some college girls to get some attention of guys. first, when you ride on some public utility vehicle on way home, they’ll cut short too and ride on it too. they’ll sat on the opposite side, making you vis-à-vis to them. then they’ll show off their cellular phones and rise a conversation that everyone could hear. Response, you’ll be looking at them, and to that, they got their catch. They’ll look at you, smiling and murmur words you can understand. Their operandi will be accomplished when you gave your cellphone number, which will be their greatest focus there. then when it’s done, they’ll go down at LIGAYA, and find their real PUV ongoing their real destination.

don’t worry somebody; I changed the last digit of my number I gave to them. 🙂



~ by protagonist on January 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “ways of the wicked.”

  1. haha no, not really. it’s a paid post kasi 😀

  2. Those college girls are dirty. No I do not mean that they are decently dirty or their morality is filthy but by looking at their faces and uniforms I can say that they are full of dirt.

    Ce’st La Vie.

  3. dirrty pop

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