daffy dafodi daddy.

Usage of a same word can be so truly true when it is repeated on times that you least expected it or you least wonder to expect it. from my perspective and its unnatural behavior today, I was taking my daily late bath, about nine pm today when I started blabbering the word “tou san”, a Japanese word, to translate, “father”. But meanwhile, i’m having a breakdown over my soaking wet hair and the resemblance of DORA the FREAKIN’ explorer over it. then I foresaw a tiresome night due to a span time doing nothing, making worthy for something worthwhile none. Dang.

dota, defrag, disk clean-up, scan disk, internet history clearer’s next.

Then as I sat on postured L on my combustion chair, a quick call to summon eru discretely aroused. I hopped out of the comfy topsy-turvy chair and head to the white gate façade. There stood my tou san, my long live, long lost, father. He was drunk, obviously, but bringing him an emo for a mood swing. He was also accompanied anyway by his ever-loyal, faced retarded loyalist (that’s very redundant). He then slapped his pride off and hung himself on a quick embrace and a tête-à-tête on me.

“emo xa. mas emo pa sakin. yak. seryoso.”

Well his eyes’ oil leaking from the moment we were having. Not to mention when he invited mischievous sprite bj, who was dealing with some misery business over a handheld device. family portrait over the moonlight (rawr. just when least expecting a terrible encounter).

He flew off, hoping for a kewl tomorrow for us. Kewl, isn’t it?



~ by protagonist on December 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “daffy dafodi daddy.”

  1. damn give thanks coz your father is still there.,, hmmm

  2. damn i am.

  3. May the force be with you…

    On second thought…Maybe not?

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