till there was a massively multi-player online role-playing game called flyff.

Just when I’m thinking to post just a simple merry greeting for this one, suddenly perceived about the last year’s jiffies had startled my mind.

It was because of this photo.

in case you’re CURIOUS enough, click to enlarge. (i know you will. 😀 )

Year’s last has been quite a blast on me. with those free Santa hat wearable, gift boxes containing collectibles, and experience points to level up upgrades, I manage to keep safe a total sleeping time of 2 hours. I also had companions to share the “blast” I’m in. I did enjoy every moment of it.

And this year, none.

Since I quitted, the only thing that’s keeping me steady are text messages, friendster comments, and dota sessions. It makes me feel that flyff is just under the mistletoe.

I miss my flyff buddies. I really do.

Merry Christmas everyone.

~ by protagonist on December 25, 2007.

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