meet Superfriend. :)

Once again, a retreat, and the venue’s the tripper view, antipolo.

Though they’re telling us to suspend and leave all worries behind the outdoors before the retreat venue’s doors, some of us are thinking of a way to holdhid electronic gadgets while we can (hid) up to the three-day stay there. and since it was really the thing that keeps us busy (so they say), they caught us surrendering everything after all.

Because they promise that it’s going to be fun. rotfl.

The lair looks an Italian inn from I Saw What You Did Last Summer. With a desperate space to walk in the mornings, dehydrated vines of make believe, hotel California rooms that resembles an asylum, a fountain residing in the center of the place worth tossing a quarter coin, and not to forget, the gloomy look of the moon when you stare up on a dark velvet ringed sky.

Our first day stay there was quite alarming. We were given sessions and talks from people whom I was just seeing from Antipolo vicinities. They were serving some special message about our parents for us, even though I do not have even a single view that my mother would even say such words. Well nevermind. At least food blew my mind of the blasphemies. They talked first class, positioned you second class, served you third class. The rations are stuffing for my appetite. From veggies causing the curse of curves, the pork and sea foods that’ll make you teeth bite itself. I call it superb, and girly devouring.

* Bedtime is like you’re in some mental institute where you’re the only one in sane.

Settling day second is all about collaboration between us and thy parents. They taught us a horrible art: creating a gravestone for our mothers. The speaker was told us how her son did planned a gravestone for her too, and how it was messaged beautifully. unfortunately, we did do the activity. What a dumbfounding one, not to mention, a dumb one. for the father side, well, it was film viewing… so much for that.

(repeat *)

Third day. rawr… let’s just enumerate every artywonkies.

  • magsunog ng papel na pinaghirapan muh isulat
  • magsawsaw ng tinapay sa alak at isubo sa kaaway
  • tinuruan din pla kami magising sa bell ng ice cream. 🙂

But seriously,

When you find yourself in time of trouble, Superfriend comes to you, speaking words of wisdom. Let it be. And in your hour of darkness, He is standing right in front of you, speaking words of wisdom. Let it be.

Let it be. Whisper words of wisdom. Let it be.

A retreat once goes toodling again.


~ by protagonist on November 26, 2007.

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