my submitted essay. yes, an essay.

“Innovative ICT towards never ending excellence”

It’s no wonder that tomorrow’s smallest thing is built from a simple program your computer teacher had taught you in one of her boring lectures. Flowcharts and algorithms for example, show the next pyramid for Egypt, or the next Atlantis to exaggerate. And it’s no wonder also that your newly moved neighbor is an android or your beloved dog, comes from a visual basic interface. And it’s no wonder that God watches us using hidden cameras. Nevertheless, it’s no wonder that you just wonder by now.

After all those years of purging out the curiosity and manipulating our brains to satisfy our needs to advance, we stumbled upon technology, or to say, future. The vast features offered more than Olay total effects or Vicky Belo’s facial treatments can suffice us. Off with just Friendster layouts, then the Java, then the common CSS, to the brilliant HTML plus C++, artistic you are unleashed. From those greater strokes of brush to more mouse-generated figures, the next Michelangelo might be you. It’s just a small dot to start with, or a pixel maybe. All is possible with just a brush swing, a facial cream, or err… a click away.

Beyond existence, we are capable of one-hundred years to live. Then the number decreases as we are contaminated with mundanely bug mingles. Scientifically, we can manage to uphold our lives with medicines of such. With this means, we are somehow extending our lives like of those of a light bulb. But what about cancer? What about aids? What about the next diseases bombarding our planets? Will they be curable? Will they? Of course they will. They will be facing upcoming atmosphere of microchips to eradicate them by the time they’re in our spine. And because we have the tool of the future, we have it advancing; we have ourselves second-degree “antibodies”.

I know you did saw movies with peculiar infrastructures having those infinite possibilities to astound us. Not only them, but also those of the hovering cars that’ll give you jet streams while driving. The security planted on your fingertips and the ultra-modern deeds of a simple device. Well if you saw them in movies, then be surprised if it’ll not be next in the market. Technology advances like the queer brain we are having. Imagination swims like the progressing. Know Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds? The one where aliens attacked earth using great inventions not known to human history? That thing could be reverted in a possible way. We could be attacking them right?

Summing this up, I took my high school mentor’s words of advice and my colleague’s as well where they say technology is inquisitive as much as we are curious to what it can do next. Upon its vital role in our existence, it too must be in advancing phase, to an extent that it will become a necessity to us. Education is a medium for its ascendance. But like the inevitable education, it’s also a never ending chasing process to alter knowledge to wisdom. It’s all about perfecting the craft. It’s all about chasing out. And it’s all about having those deep blue blasts on the next step to knowledge.

So in the next lesson your computer teacher will be tackling, will you be listening, or go boycotting?



~ by protagonist on November 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “my submitted essay. yes, an essay.”

  1. ha??? lol.

  2. pacomment. ^ ^

  3. hmmmm… ok!?… hahahaha

  4. nasan yung pics?

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