the more you hate, the more you love. the more you love, the more you find it difficult to love.the more you find it difficult to love, the more you hate.

will you love me, even though you super-hate me, just like i will be following you into the dark?


~ by protagonist on November 13, 2007.

9 Responses to “the more you hate, the more you love. the more you love, the more you find it difficult to love.the more you find it difficult to love, the more you hate.”

  1. uhm? yah?

    haba ng title kaysa content!



  2. That’s plain creepy. You love someone so much that even though that certain “someone” super-hates you, you will still follow her until you both arrive at this area where its really really dark. Now that’s for stalkers and paparazzi (Pa-Pa-“Rat”-Chi) to do. Well, that’s just me being judgmental whatsoever. Knowing you for almost 4 years, I know some of your tactics and techies. Some say that what you’re doing is scary for a little teenager to do but for me its just your old plain (dare I say) “style”.

    I missed the internet. @_@

    Ces’t La Vie…(One more time!)
    Ces’t La Vie…

  3. it’s not my style. it’s just my way of saying how much i love her.

    stop your freakin’ hypocritical comments. parang mas maalam kpa sakin ah.

    halikan kita eh. XD

  4. Whut!? You’re getting me all wrong here. The way you show someonen how much you really freakin’ love her (or probably him) is perhaps your own style or taste to apply the quotation “THE WAY YOU SHOW HOW MUCH YOU REALLY FREAKIN’ LOVE HER”. Isn’t that your own preference on the move??? Is having a personal “style” that bad??? Is it right to name someone two-faced??? Is it that wrong if ever I helped you show the world how gutsy and brave you are??? Can I get my kiss now???

  5. let’s just say it in this SIMPLE, yet CLEAR manner:

    i thou love her. period. hey that’s anothor period. and that’s another one again. and another. and another…

    oh watever.

  6. i’m with cait sith on this!

    with star wars and ff7!


  7. me is simple

  8. well…as I observe when u really hate the person,,,there is a possible of falling in love with him someday….

    Just what i had experienced…I really hate that guy….but then when he was absent for just one day,,,I was verry worry about him…

    And that moment I just realized that i’am starting falling in love witth him…


  9. well, mga pare… at first, i didnt really believe in this saying. but now i do. i reaallllly really hate this girl but then, daym, i love her! hatred is such a passionate feeling. and i have no idea why basta i just get so pissed everytime i see her. maybe because… it’s not really her that i hate. it’s the fact that i dont get to have her. and.. no, maybe i hate her coz she’s so damn attractive. you know, like the “7 things” i hate about you, you make me love you… basta, i hate her but deep inside, i doo love her dammit!

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