tell the tail of the evil tale.

Backstabbing time

Yes it is true that the more the merrier. But didn’t they say the more, the greater betrayal? And it’s also adjacent to being impaired to all things except furiousness. The fact that loyalty does deserve great value has been wasted, thrown only for the sake of them. Had you be one of them? or you’re one of them?

I acclaimed my statements with aggravation. I did mistrust and conclude such benefactor for my loss to a wrong person. he is keeping a friendship while me not. Not So Red Head’s right, I did get so clever and becoming a misery business when it comes to money. I did not saw the value of five hundred pesos versus the sea. Now I got applauded by the demons. Sucks for them though, I did forgive, and forget…

but not by one thing.

Friday had become a crash-free to an adverse me. I went to my newly-founded Alma Mater and distributed my daily delights to everyone in the house. Maintained a great effort to conceal my new LOVE (yes, LOVE.) to them, I am not aware that an alliance to bring down the great clairvoyant is at their hand. And it had been planned and planted today.

Before leaving the institute, I waited for rain to pour no more. I waited for classes to dismiss us in time for a quick errand. But the grandstand to break my emperium is at this moment. to break my emperium of trusting them.

social scene this is, and everybody wants to explore the new girl.

ill-fated I am. I did trust mistrustful beings. They are the life forms who I had been cursing to be on the dooming off. the terrestrials who lives on deceit and the beings who had nothing but brains of making themselves good-looking outside, rotten and having the most putrid seclusion inside.

They are my college friends.

So now I say,“my fiends, let’s love one another like we love to deceive one another”.

I am the NEWPORT LIVING. I’m no whore, but i’ll be your karma, your nightmare, your worst thing to be…

till macabre diem.



~ by protagonist on November 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “tell the tail of the evil tale.”

  1. You Go BEN!!! Show em’ who’s teh BOSS!!! College sometimes, or oftentimes, sucks especially if you treated a group of horny guys your comrades. But fret not, we at ARBT will still be right here just in case you need a shoulder to cry on or a dose of non-stop pure adult entertainment. . .


  2. asus. parang keo nde horny ah. haha. aq lng naman matino sa mundo eh.

    anywei, looks like my avoidance to cursing them seemed powerless.


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