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Yes I was able to come to class just before one week living of the dead be celebrated again this year. not by just having two days to confine a four-hundred peso allowance, I also preoccupied my vagrant mind for seeing my buddies, chupapidings, and akatsuki’s. Without the two day period, I would never be hooked again to KMMORPG (kid’s massive multiplayer online role-playing game) called ragnarok. Aside from its seductive game play and sedately 2d narrow graphics, it came with a package that my all-time favorite game is going on a free-2-play basis. So i welcome again myself to midgard, the home and the origin of the so-called “ADIKS”. While no to an expenditure, yesterday with my shinigami and harry potter, we went to ar pee (beside Sta. Lucia Cainta for this matter). started from getting hooked to this anime, I also started to became the protagonist himself. But spoilers are contained not in this post. sucks fro you though, if you know what I mean.

toodles, plus mada mada da ne.


~ by protagonist on November 3, 2007.

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