his illusion is more like, duh, illusion.

2 weeks passed and that gap has been everything but nothing. blamefully because I wasn’t even close to an internet connection, neither a hobby to be sufficient for my arrogant attitude. Tennis sure is one, but great things are not placed near you, so leaving one option for a vacuity me: waste my time.

One more time: waste my time.

Apart from time wastage, I am also preoccupied with people circling around me having this SPONGEBOB infection, sticking HIMself to a clairvoyant me in order for him to be clairvoyant too. I did detect this paranormal period a long time ago. Now it had infected him thorough and partially using it on me. well two days won’t hurt, so I did ride on. But probably, after washing his thoughts and fell on, a leech like him won’t suffice himself afterwards.

Learn to accept defeat.


~ by protagonist on November 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “his illusion is more like, duh, illusion.”

  1. ayan…blog review posted… 🙂

  2. hmmmmmmm i forgot your MMcardreader… maybe on saturday again…

    just refreshing my cranial region… im forgetting things…hmmm who is it??? maybe some kind of a dumbass to leeech on somebody’s ass right… hmmm

    comment on my post im starting blogginfg again…hahahahah

    got to go my epigastric is circling got to vomit!!!

  3. blogging*** i mean… hahahahahah sorry for th typo!!!

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