envyness on my lightness

does doing assignments produce this kinds?
maybe i should start doing mine. 😀

“i keep on telling myself that writing should be fun, and works should be read. The only problem is, no one’s reading.”

look at the picture. even kids of that age used to write fancy. and what’s more, there is a reader! (though he don’t portray understanding. teehee). let’s say I brought myself to a conclusion that I am again posting a post to be read, but what I’m concerned about is “will this post be praised?” *GASP.

Reading keira’s post which is derived from Disney’s interpretation of perfect-ness, I perceive in her a glimpse of strata that could be identified as a higher me. I do remember one time what she told me, “grabe, ang galing mo talaga magsulat! nakakagigil ka!”, which definitely stroked me secondarily due to the fact that I am THAT arrogant. Now, it hit me primarily. Based on her perspective and ways, it was waaaay toooo far from a “me” now. is it envy? Is it jealousy? Is it, is it? tell me! dang.

Better read her something.
→ → → here ← ← ←
God, I love love love you keira! haha.

what gives me this creepily feeling is because of the things she also told me. rather than seeing my inner me, my proficiency is obscured by my mentors who didn’t even gave a single appreciation to what I handle. Keira told me that why would potentials we have, be not given emphasis, nor be enhanced.

Now, the product: loss of self-creativity.

am I proclaiming that somebody should wake me up and tell me that I should sleep by now and stop realization period. looks like I’m failing to read, failing to prepare, failing to write. “Practice makes it perfect” but I say, “enjoyment makes it perfect”. maybe I should enjoy being imperfect rather than the perfect-ness I am trying to be.

then again… God, I love love love you keira! the only person who appreciated my works, as of… dot dot dot.



~ by protagonist on October 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “envyness on my lightness”

  1. darn bro… why didnt you come?? it sort of a geto

    we played dota and all… nyweiz kira went there also, bro she looks fabulous… very fabulous… you missin it bro…

    guess there should always be a next time right? hahahahah

    stay cool dude!


  2. uhmm… what?! haha your review will be up SOON 🙂 i promise 🙂 sorry for the delay 🙂 got busy eh 🙂

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