let’s be peaceful in discriminating. wait.

the dear hell of one week greater heights is boredamn. ramadan is set for today, tomorrow’s a no way. i’ve got several tracy’s of kim’s pussyness and lester’s big time best friend sensuality. the gorgeous irrelevance of the things that has been proven is thrown into a befriending jokes. i must be killing them by now. no, i think she crush crush crush had a crush on me. way defining on a purpose that i am chatting several ways today that i can’t accommodate to blog hop, link snap, and the Beatles song grab. i am tired, i am hungry. maybe if i could eat a CHICKEN SOUP paired with TOASTED GARLIC PESTO BREAD then I can be able to solve a tennis problem, starting from left to right. hence, avoidance of a hit in the head or a twister service ace.

Since we’re no muslims, chowking we head and real deal should be make. Eating too much is virtue today rather than patience. Gold is time, but gold should be set aside, because food is gold, food… yes.

let me eat!

And later I could resolve my tennis technique against sempai mac. Good thing he wasn’t arrogant as me. nevertheless, lesser bombardment. If I could starve myself again for a game, then we could start.

(leave ten court spaces here and provide none for a fine smash ace.)


~ by protagonist on October 12, 2007.

One Response to “let’s be peaceful in discriminating. wait.”

  1. hmm., so now I’m confused. Is it oddy, princess or keira???

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