two hundred pesos.

The spexam has turned to be a normal one, or easier to say. My two hundred has paid off and it’s paid to a price that I MIGHT pass.

Before I take exam, I brought myself yesterday for a ghetto in alma mater two. And together with my co-partidos, we manage to set up a boot camp for at least 5 hours so I could no forfeit my two hundred peso budget today. then with time to spend, we talk and less walk on the school premises while classes are going on and off. we face and give space for a vis-à-vis conversation with our former mentors. But finally, we sat by the cafeteria benches and create a bunch of alumnus there.

Then way home, we walk to town like it just happened yesterday.

And some bid farewell, marghie and I caught up a dramatical “DATE” in mcdonalds. We were, well… just… being insecure with… three words:


is… kakaloka. haha.

I’m in beda with these fellow testers. And tracy was here, and gino, and ivane, and lorence, and who the hell are these people? well so much for a test.


~ by protagonist on October 9, 2007.

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