es yu en dee ey way.

Rain pouring on Sunday sundae.

Cousins are present. Galore on robinson’s plaza and beside mall. Shuffle and walk, Sunday sundae… oh rain pour no. then it washed the conscience, enjoy is the theme of our theme park. One was barraging a set of goals, while two’s a poly-money hesitation. Fifty paid on jeepney front, outside we charge him none. After a long junction drive, drove on an MMDA flyover pass.

Sundae is over, yogurts’ next.

Entering a good sight, façade of a gorilla stand. It was ice cream booth with triple marshmallow clothing lines. Then head straight to comic alley for an eye-feaster. It’s the gate of anime authority, and my serendipity. Let’s take full responsibility of the thing we saw there. naruto, mokuna, kenshin, pokemons, and itchigo. And don’t forget, kira.

The tour was bountiful but food isn’t. we rushed and twister ourselves for a fastfood chain. What’s left for an option is KFC, due to the poly-money hesitation of two. And since it was a major issue, let’s order garlic and soda. Then dessert came, launching my eyes on sweets Better Than Ice Cream.

And coins of them weren’t enough, so we had to stick with official energy drink of the Olympics… frozen.

And then fast forward time where we(I think i?) bought things to which we can pin it all up into our mundane bodies.

Yets, it’s Sunday sundae again.


~ by protagonist on September 23, 2007.

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