the one posting this is recently watching fall out boy in araneta.

I should get enough sleep, err I mean, eynaf taym to get ahead of ms. remigio for my darn Filipino day-starter class. And the warning starts to profound my grades, one could disaster me.

today I arrived late, again, but earlier than my “late” late. First class professor scolded me as I entered the room of 33c. the voice glistened in the corridors, naming my name on hallways:

“LEYVA, get out!”

ill-timed the process because students are having their classes as well, so that means, no one to hear thy my name. but that didn’t gave a non-producing effect. Because the fact that I am one hour and ten minutes late, she still gave me the seventy times seven.

separate from today, last Tuesday we had our report, and video presentation representation of the book of exile. And I did forgot to post about how we do, or did, or just whatever comes to our mind. That was last Saturday and Sunday respectively. Akatsuki ends up staying and working here at our dwelling for the rest to complete and compile (and that includes me coz’ I’m in akatsuki, yha know?!). And so the words flow and flow…

the conclusion? We managed to finish an exile video, or should I call it “exiled” video. Presenting it on theology class is a blast, because after we spent the wee hours and the sleeping period of saturday, the only remark we got is:

“great work guys. I appreciate your efforts. But you’ve got the wrong report to report.”

Espionage and sabotage it is. well the take over, the breaks over. I’ll be putting our videos here so stay up late to visit this site.

Sponsored by YOUTUBE, you guessed it right.


~ by protagonist on September 20, 2007.

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