today is mess day.

today is mess day. today i proclaim. today is a mess of random points:

Mess day is waking up late, and planning to dominate again the day.
Mess day is eating canned sausages with intoxicating gist stuffed in.
Mess day is printing a fifty-page human kinetics assign than doing it last night.
Mess day is taking a shower in exactly the time that your first subject should start.
Mess day is using a deodorant which is due yesterday. (oh crap)
Mess day is swelling a san beda FOD bag with PE uniform, the researches and all.
Mess day is combing your hair but still looks crappy, or too think, suckish.
Mess day is leaving the house at exactly seven-forty five.
Mess day is sitting on a jeep space, with passenger on side, dealing annoyance.
Mess day is seeing your hair getting aggravated by the gust on the jeepney ride.
Mess day is paying not on the jeepney ride.
Mess day is leaving your wallet with the lrt card and five hundred pesos in
Mess day is missing the first train to catch you up with.
Mess day is watching the sensually sexy theology teacher at the train train chu chu.
Mess day is seeing your elementary crush mate, but unnoticed.
Mess day is arriving at the second subject of the day.
Mess day is forgetting to submit the on-hold sociology assignment.
Mess day is dealing a cancel appointment on September nineteen due to a practice.
Mess day is the arriving of the late math professor, diminishing boycott.
Mess day is working on a fine math seatwork, ALL BY ME.
Mess day is sharing the answers you worked so hard with (damn, damn, yes)
Mess day is doing NSTP web chart in bedanet.
Mess day is finishing it unfinished.
Mess day is running near CEU to print the worked project.
Mess day is messing around with nurse and students of CEU.
Mess day is coming late on human kinetics class.
Mess day is lavishly agreeing to what MATITU told us to do.
Mess day is changing back again to that yellow-colored uniform.
Mess day is running into JENNELYN “MERCADO”, telling me I am like a letranian.
Mess day is wearing loose pants, which foretold me that it wasn’t mine.
Mess day is finding what’s yours and returning the loose one.
Mess day is heading towards the nursing building with warren, and JOBEN.
Mess day is knowing that NSTP class is revoked.
Mess day is leaving my pockets with thirty Philippine pesos.
Mess day is going home with panget.
Mess day is on a jeepney ride again and sitting between females.
Mess day is almost-near destination when realizing one female is interested on you.
Mess day is missing her, coz SHE WAS WAY BEAUTIFUL, though a lil older, though.
Mess day is regretting the chance to meet her.
Mess day is thinking about her when you already got brownies.
Mess day is that all males think that way.
Mess day is over.



~ by protagonist on September 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “today is mess day.”

  1. wawa naman…mess day? it’s over, right? at least. 🙂

  2. hmmm messy nga!! wahahhaha

  3. how messy…



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