cute is what we aim for.

Just after sandigan-bayan promulgates their decree of having forty-year imprisonment for former president Estrada today, rumbleness of sequential thoughts came again into me. and since I had no classes today due to that certain event, I end up lying is the most fun a woman can have without taking her clothes off.

Good thing perianes visited, or I mean, dispatched his class for today. he closed the deal that we should be going on r3 and shifting all efforts for a straining job today. I called upon my cousins, and shoot.

Arriving there, we surprised kuya tatang with simple greetings. Nevertheless, he was freaked-out again with our presence (due to the fact that we are the formers and the VIPS as well). so long reaching a pc place, a game of DOTA reacted to chemical me bonded with mac, and a pertaining substance perianes. verdict? One word again: LANAYA.

just after spending enough amounts of time and money for a short-term bliss, we left r3 pocket-diminished again while stomachs started to suffice with digestive acids. we head for the nearest food… food… food… and food a calamares it is. I missed these pieces, specially the santolan palate.

Well enough public speaking for now. I’ve got a fifty-page report to PRINT FOR THAT HELL’A FREAKIN’, STUBBORN-BASED, ANIMAL-LIKE, UNRELEVANT AND UNSIGNIFICANT, GOOD’OL’NOTHIN, human kinetics…




~ by protagonist on September 12, 2007.

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