digging wells.

the entrance of sitio bato bato.

akatsuki: one missing.

and finally, way home.

Aftermath of our neglected national service training program teacher is this immersion brought by the new professor named “PISCOS” (or “fish kus”. rotfl) to handle our trouncing class. Without terminal notice, the newly handler also brought with him a manifestation to let our class a hell to stay with him. giving us the creeps with his first day of proclaiming that he is at iron hand, I laugh discreetly. And now he’s telling us that there are many ways to kill a chicken, then I say there are many ways to throw a praising slur to a person like him.

If you are the game master, and you told us that we are the players, then I say that I am justice.

Talking about immersion, we end up mostly in a place called sitio bato-bato, which the name cannot be analogous to the place – brown-trenched wet ways and muddy shoes to end your trek. It was near san beda taytay, where symonne throw all stench to end his education career there. so apart, we are still welcomed.

Entering the brown… well get the picture once you get there, we manage to disregard the materials sticking to our very ends and clinch at the near muddy spot. A bunch of taytay bedans are there to accompany us from the place. I saw people digging some watery grave, which I profoundly like to mock-up. one thing’s misplaced: My cohorts seemed to be annoyed with details clipped on the sitio.

Taking the lead, the vicinity of the place picture out the near damp areas we have here in antipolo – reaching for the false hope of tomorrow. My group managed to get an interview in a undemanding family living there. they have a spacio similar to our… well, there. just imagine seeing it (describing could get worst). Zaño and I managed to get out all answers needed for the questionnaire we came here for. but as I continue with the tête-à-tête, I am dishearten with what is happening around them. the locality I am familiar with is not familiar as it seems. People in this area are WAY too being effective for such democratic living. The voices of these people are just as saying our economy is going on its peak.

Would that be possible with humanity living at this degree?

We left the place, giving those hopes and smiles that someday, somewhere, or some other time, maybe I could help. again, I.

Why am I serious with this matter? haha. kids stuff.


~ by protagonist on September 9, 2007.

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