John Benedict C. Leyva

Reaction Paper about Global Warming

Regarding the film that I viewed, I concluded that simple things are yet not to be regretted, yet not to set aside off (which I already knew already but it’s just that, oh whatever). By solving problems which concerns our personal matters, rather than what really matters, our environment’s kudos, we end up sacrificing half of the world’s lifespan and three-fourth of us due to global warning alias “global warming”.

For the past seventeen, or merely eighteen years that I’ve been living in this world, I have faced the most putrid of what is expelled in our environment – from smog emissions, to greater garbage wastage. This contributed to global warming as of we can see vividly. Based on the researcher on the film, he managed to conduct some facts on how changes can be so dramatically even in small degree. The overall carbon dioxide in the air could melt either the population due to cancer skin, or the tremendous natural calamities.

Averaging damage, it can pour also enormous amount of water on lands, even on highlands. Most of the coastlines would be dominated by overflows. This phenomenon is also an effect of global warming, which traps heat on earth, thus melting north poles’ famed frozenness. With this event at hand, it can flood people of their territory, meaning, and doom.

Now I’m reacting and in gripe that people should procrastinate no on preventing these tribulations. Furthermore, all must be more focus on problems regarding the environment rather than problems of such randomness (politics and this reaction paper, for example).

Even my first and fourth paragraph is analogous in obvious ways, we should either move now, or later suffer consequences, brought by ourselves and of our actions taken for granted.

toodels. 😀


~ by protagonist on September 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “react.random.reload.”

  1. haha. i’m done with my procrastination! yay 🙂 good luck with your. by the way, i have an article about global warming being different to greenhouse effect. maybe it could help you. i got it from batobalani. contact me if you need it 🙂

  2. Nope! Not at all. My spidey sense ain’t tingling…

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