Finally Monday is my sweet revenge. No class extensions or justifications. I arrived home at exactly two:forty winks, then tossed the unnoticeably bag placed under the silver lining sleeves. Thought of a day with sunny-side up mood again is in my way. Apart form of my yellow fade uniform is my mind-consumption of a next something. I jumped on a chair – a computer chair – with unnecessary movements therein before that’s it.

Starting up windows is the reboot. *insert scream and shout here* I manage to keep a equanimity for this house-held device and I must adjunct again to, again, something. I opened global messenger, seven explorers and two schemes, of the plans also. I then started to stare at most photos which definitely gave me the creeps. From fingers with faces, playing some consoles, making it an effective next best actor (let’s just say Wii can act, since it can? lol). And so forth, and so on.

I then started the conversation with her…

kira: rawr
jeivi: anlabo.
kira: haha
jeivi: :))
kira: anlabo. haha
jeivi: anlabo. haha
kira: anlabo. haha

(above illustration varies from actual product)

Your multiply’s more substantial yah knaw dawg? I must be having yellow-dilated eyeballs beacate “TWEETY FROM AFAR” layouts, on BLOGSPOT. rotfl

you’re a must have, a must have. i must have you now! :))
let’s make this post clear, shall we?

nah. anlabo pa rin.

~ by protagonist on September 3, 2007.

5 Responses to “unlabo.”

  1. now i see…


    good luck anyway…

  2. oh yeah…

    why does mine have a strike trough?

  3. Complete random-ness. Too much animu I say!

  4. DUDE, aiylab yo. wth!

  5. hello !

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