flu in my system, five in my system.

We should call for help while supply lasts.

I reached the point where a point could not get any lower than it. the verdict for a math institution. depletion of equations and algebraic expressions. now it’s getting clear. the vague had turned into compiling them as your daily dose. i must be dozing off.

You might give this post an example. I’m losing my touch, or am touch is losing me? darn photographers. They should have left something for me to write about before publishing anything on carioles or broadsheets you read from cover-to-cover.

Wait I’m getting one. yes, it’s myself once again, my populace. This journal needs to read, and I, need to outdo an end or an end topic for me.

I hate being lazy. lazy. lazy.

making a post these days sure is too similar with song writing, song composing for this matter.

Maybe I’ll read again, study again.


~ by protagonist on August 31, 2007.

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